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Radio Subasio+ playlist

Don’t know what song’s been playing on the radio? Use our service to find it! Our playlist stores a Radio Subasio+ track list for the past 7 days.

(now in Perugia 16:08)
09:52 TIËSTO & DZEKO Jackie Chan (feat. Preme & Post Malone) 2022-12-04T:35.647769 2022-12-04T:35.647769 United Music Subasio
09:45 LIL NAS X Star Walkin' (league Of Legends Worlds Anthem) 2022-12-04T:30.363779 2022-12-04T:30.363779 United Music Subasio
09:42 THE BLESSED MADONNA Serotonin Moonbeams 2022-12-04T:09.828959 2022-12-04T:09.828959 United Music Subasio
09:39 SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS We Own The Night 2022-12-04T:05.891048 2022-12-04T:05.891048 United Music Subasio
09:07 THE STRUTS Strange Days (feat.Robbie Williams) 2022-12-04T:14.517996 2022-12-04T:14.517996 United Music Subasio
08:22 OASIS The Importance Of Being Idle 2022-12-04T:36.271020 2022-12-04T:36.271020 United Music Subasio
07:58 RICK ASTLEY Whenever You Need Somebody 2022-12-04T:47.270132 2022-12-04T:47.270132 United Music Subasio
07:54 SIMPLY RED Something Got Me Started 2022-12-04T:01.139525 2022-12-04T:01.139525 United Music Subasio
07:02 BRONSKI BEAT Hit That Perfect Beat 2022-12-04T:18.395264 2022-12-04T:18.395264 United Music Subasio
06:52 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-12-04T:33.748253 2022-12-04T:33.748253 United Music Subasio
06:42 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-12-04T:55.656820 2022-12-04T:55.656820 United Music Subasio
06:26 STARSHIP Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now 2022-12-04T:46.340502 2022-12-04T:46.340502 United Music Subasio
06:20 HARRY STYLES Music For A Sushi Restaurant 2022-12-04T:00.445325 2022-12-04T:00.445325 United Music Subasio
06:06 THEGIORNALISTI Questa Nostra Stupida Canzone D'amore 2022-12-04T:01.701606 2022-12-04T:01.701606 United Music Subasio
05:27 MICHAEL JACKSON The Way You Make Me Feeel 2022-12-04T:26.488716 2022-12-04T:26.488716 United Music Subasio
05:22 STEVIE WONDER Faith (feat. Ariana Grande) 2022-12-04T:47.445978 2022-12-04T:47.445978 United Music Subasio
05:18 PURPLE DISCO MACHINE, SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS In The Dark 2022-12-04T:40.712210 2022-12-04T:40.712210 United Music Subasio
05:15 MARCO MENGONI Tutti I Miei Ricordi 2022-12-04T:16.095142 2022-12-04T:16.095142 United Music Subasio
05:08 VASCO ROSSI Una Canzone D'amore Buttata Via 2022-12-04T:05.144315 2022-12-04T:05.144315 United Music Subasio
05:04 LUCA CARBONI Persone Silenziose (tiziano Ferro) 2022-12-04T:31.630640 2022-12-04T:31.630640 United Music Subasio
04:39 MAROON 5 Moves Like Jagger Feat Christina Aguilera 2022-12-04T:47.133641 2022-12-04T:47.133641 United Music Subasio
04:31 BORIS GARDNER I Want To Wake Up With You 2022-12-04T:07.717068 2022-12-04T:07.717068 United Music Subasio
04:27 RANDY CRAWFORD You Might Need Somebody 2022-12-04T:54.053005 2022-12-04T:54.053005 United Music Subasio
04:17 HARRY STYLES Music For A Sushi Restaurant 2022-12-04T:18.956385 2022-12-04T:18.956385 United Music Subasio
04:13 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Scrivile Scemo 2022-12-04T:40.359501 2022-12-04T:40.359501 United Music Subasio
03:52 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-12-04T:04.535688 2022-12-04T:04.535688 United Music Subasio
03:21 EUGENIO FINARDI Musica Ribelle 2022-12-04T:58.980072 2022-12-04T:58.980072 United Music Subasio
03:17 FIORELLA MANNOIA Il Cielo D'irlanda 2022-12-04T:46.255679 2022-12-04T:46.255679 United Music Subasio
02:31 BELINDA CARLISLE Heaven Is A Place On Earth 2022-12-04T:50.834549 2022-12-04T:50.834549 United Music Subasio
02:27 MICHAEL JACKSON Remember The Time 2022-12-04T:49.053478 2022-12-04T:49.053478 United Music Subasio
02:22 LUCA CARBONI Ci Stiamo Sbagliando 2022-12-04T:10.758277 2022-12-04T:10.758277 United Music Subasio
02:03 RINO GAETANO Resta Vile Maschio Dove Vai 2022-12-04T:06.802348 2022-12-04T:06.802348 United Music Subasio
01:39 LISA STANSFIELD Never Never Gonna Give Ya 2022-12-04T:13.644737 2022-12-04T:13.644737 United Music Subasio
01:25 PINK FLOYD Another Brick In The Wall 2022-12-04T:03.027765 2022-12-04T:03.027765 United Music Subasio
01:18 FRANCO BATTIATO Summer On A Solitary Beach 2022-12-04T:53.085930 2022-12-04T:53.085930 United Music Subasio
01:14 ALBERTO FORTIS Milano E Vincenzo 2022-12-04T:39.648675 2022-12-04T:39.648675 United Music Subasio
01:02 LUCIANO LIGABUE Sogni Di Rock And Roll 2022-12-04T:32.254007 2022-12-04T:32.254007 United Music Subasio
00:31 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-12-04T:51.599673 2022-12-04T:51.599673 United Music Subasio
00:27 FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS Johnny Come Home 2022-12-04T:17.559931 2022-12-04T:17.559931 United Music Subasio
00:19 STADIO Un Disperato Bisogno D'amore 2022-12-04T:10.120339 2022-12-04T:10.120339 United Music Subasio
00:16 LOREDANA BERTE' Non Sono Una Signora 2022-12-04T:45.660240 2022-12-04T:45.660240 United Music Subasio
00:10 ANTONELLO VENDITTI Giulio Cesare 2022-12-04T:02.338255 2022-12-04T:02.338255 United Music Subasio
00:03 LUCIO BATTISTI Fiori Rosa Fiori Di Pesco 2022-12-04T:33.279874 2022-12-04T:33.279874 United Music Subasio

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