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Radio Subasio+ playlist

Don’t know what song’s been playing on the radio? Use our service to find it! Our playlist stores a Radio Subasio+ track list for the past 7 days.

(now in Perugia 13:51)
23:29 JOHN LEGEND Ordinary People Piano Mix 2022-09-26T:34.393584 2022-09-26T:34.393584 United Music Subasio
23:14 TIMMY THOMAS We Can't We Live Togheter 2022-09-26T:36.642318 2022-09-26T:36.642318 United Music Subasio
22:57 COLDPLAY Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall 2022-09-26T:19.327948 2022-09-26T:19.327948 United Music Subasio
21:55 PINK FLOYD Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2022-09-26T:49.571597 2022-09-26T:49.571597 United Music Subasio
21:30 DIONNE WARWICK That's What Friends Are For 2022-09-26T:52.094636 2022-09-26T:52.094636 United Music Subasio
21:22 STEVIE WONDER Ijust Called To Say I Love U 2022-09-26T:09.758070 2022-09-26T:09.758070 United Music Subasio
21:13 METALLICA Nothing Else Matters 2022-09-26T:56.303848 2022-09-26T:56.303848 United Music Subasio
21:09 ZEDD Stay The Night (acoustic) Feat Hayley Williams 2022-09-26T:51.873375 2022-09-26T:51.873375 United Music Subasio
20:50 IMAGINE DRAGONS Follow You - Summer ’21 Version 2022-09-26T:27.539809 2022-09-26T:27.539809 United Music Subasio
20:43 CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT Name And Number 2022-09-26T:35.424395 2022-09-26T:35.424395 United Music Subasio
20:28 WHITNEY HOUSTON Greatest Love Of All 2022-09-26T:48.771780 2022-09-26T:48.771780 United Music Subasio
20:20 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Nothing Has Been Proved 2022-09-26T:44.603771 2022-09-26T:44.603771 United Music Subasio
19:50 MEDEIROS GLENN Nothing' S Gonna Change My Love For You 2022-09-25T:52.025104 2022-09-25T:52.025104 United Music Subasio
19:00 MAROON 5 Sunday Morning Acoustic Version 2022-09-25T:04.187696 2022-09-25T:04.187696 United Music Subasio
17:44 MARVIN GAYE I Heard It Trough The Grapevin 2022-09-25T:18.311008 2022-09-25T:18.311008 United Music Subasio
17:41 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Have You Ever Seen The Rain 2022-09-25T:32.676299 2022-09-25T:32.676299 United Music Subasio
16:44 ELTON JOHN Can You Feel The Love Tonight 2022-09-25T:25.465722 2022-09-25T:25.465722 United Music Subasio
16:35 DUSTY SPRINGFIELD Son Of A Preacher Man 2022-09-25T:19.996486 2022-09-25T:19.996486 United Music Subasio
15:55 LADY GAGA Shallow (Whit Bradley Cooper ) 2022-09-25T:58.061033 2022-09-25T:58.061033 United Music Subasio
15:17 GREEN DAY Wake Me Up When September Ends 2022-09-25T:37.978744 2022-09-25T:37.978744 United Music Subasio
15:05 SKUNK ANANSIE I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero 2022-09-25T:46.346480 2022-09-25T:46.346480 United Music Subasio
15:02 ERIC CLAPTON Wonderful Tonight 2022-09-25T:05.145747 2022-09-25T:05.145747 United Music Subasio
14:40 RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS Unchained Melody 2022-09-25T:25.431649 2022-09-25T:25.431649 United Music Subasio
14:24 DIONNE WARWICK I'll Never Love This Way Again 2022-09-25T:15.891581 2022-09-25T:15.891581 United Music Subasio
14:06 SPANDAU BALLET Through The Barricades 2022-09-25T:38.379393 2022-09-25T:38.379393 United Music Subasio
13:34 MODENA CITY RAMBLERS In Un Giorno Di Pioggia 2022-09-25T:04.487580 2022-09-25T:04.487580 United Music Subasio
13:16 JAMES MORRISON Please Don't Stop The Rain 2022-09-25T:05.251279 2022-09-25T:05.251279 United Music Subasio
13:04 FRANCO BATTIATO Impressioni Di Settembre 2022-09-25T:45.313410 2022-09-25T:45.313410 United Music Subasio
12:55 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Giovani Wannabe 2022-09-25T:20.421339 2022-09-25T:20.421339 United Music Subasio
12:32 MICHAEL JACKSON Smooth Criminal 2022-09-25T:29.218220 2022-09-25T:29.218220 United Music Subasio
12:22 ED SHEERAN I Don't Care Con Justin Bieber 2022-09-25T:07.199984 2022-09-25T:07.199984 United Music Subasio
12:11 OASIS The Importance Of Being Idle 2022-09-25T:56.374080 2022-09-25T:56.374080 United Music Subasio
12:04 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-25T:26.129965 2022-09-25T:26.129965 United Music Subasio
11:55 LUCIANO LIGABUE Tra Palco E Realtà 2022-09-25T:21.447295 2022-09-25T:21.447295 United Music Subasio
11:28 BOB SINCLAR Electrico Romantico (feat. Robbie Williams) 2022-09-25T:04.463377 2022-09-25T:04.463377 United Music Subasio
11:04 GYM CLASS HEROES Stereo Hearts Feat. Adam Levine 2022-09-25T:34.173960 2022-09-25T:34.173960 United Music Subasio
10:56 FEDEZ, ORIETTA BERTI, ACHILLE LAURO Mille 2022-09-25T:05.358495 2022-09-25T:05.358495 United Music Subasio
10:52 MARCO MENGONI Tutti I Miei Ricordi 2022-09-25T:45.449918 2022-09-25T:45.449918 United Music Subasio
10:43 POST MALONE I Like You (a Happier Song) (feat. Doja Cat) 2022-09-25T:58.505328 2022-09-25T:58.505328 United Music Subasio
10:39 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-25T:34.075233 2022-09-25T:34.075233 United Music Subasio
10:36 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-25T:16.009792 2022-09-25T:16.009792 United Music Subasio
10:32 SPANDAU BALLET Fight For Ourselves 2022-09-25T:59.146473 2022-09-25T:59.146473 United Music Subasio
10:08 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-25T:36.462183 2022-09-25T:36.462183 United Music Subasio
10:06 JASON DERULO Lifestyle (feat. Adam Levine) (david Guetta Remix) 2022-09-25T:23.751679 2022-09-25T:23.751679 United Music Subasio
10:03 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-25T:35.571067 2022-09-25T:35.571067 United Music Subasio
09:52 VASCO ROSSI L'amore L'amore (twocolors Remix) 2022-09-25T:39.216640 2022-09-25T:39.216640 United Music Subasio
09:49 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Ricordi 2022-09-25T:18.003918 2022-09-25T:18.003918 United Music Subasio
09:18 CULTURE CLUB Church Of The Poison Mind 2022-09-25T:16.136411 2022-09-25T:16.136411 United Music Subasio
08:31 BLONDIE VS DOORS Rapture Riders No Rap 2022-09-25T:46.771644 2022-09-25T:46.771644 United Music Subasio
08:24 ROLLING STONES Living In A Ghost Town 2022-09-25T:24.494226 2022-09-25T:24.494226 United Music Subasio
08:14 LIL NAS X Star Walkin' (league Of Legends Worlds Anthem) 2022-09-25T:59.098756 2022-09-25T:59.098756 United Music Subasio
08:10 FABRI FIBRA Stelle (feat. Maurizio Carucci) 2022-09-25T:50.082094 2022-09-25T:50.082094 United Music Subasio
07:54 NICK KAMEN Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever 2022-09-25T:17.311274 2022-09-25T:17.311274 United Music Subasio
07:50 AZTEC CAMERA Somewhere In My Heart 2022-09-25T:17.435166 2022-09-25T:17.435166 United Music Subasio
07:40 BONNIE TAYLOR Have You Ever Seen The Rain 2022-09-25T:00.654316 2022-09-25T:00.654316 United Music Subasio
07:13 MORRISSEY I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris 2022-09-25T:12.841678 2022-09-25T:12.841678 United Music Subasio
06:57 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-25T:18.663469 2022-09-25T:18.663469 United Music Subasio
06:47 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-25T:07.235149 2022-09-25T:07.235149 United Music Subasio
06:12 BOOMDABASH, ANNALISA Tropicana 2022-09-25T:03.332417 2022-09-25T:03.332417 United Music Subasio
05:50 MARK RONSON Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) 2022-09-25T:57.557017 2022-09-25T:57.557017 United Music Subasio
05:38 SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS Golden Nights (feat. Benny Benassi, Dardust, Astrality) 2022-09-25T:41.573155 2022-09-25T:41.573155 United Music Subasio
05:01 BENNATO EDOARDO Le Ragazze Fanno Grandi Sogni 2022-09-25T:19.865636 2022-09-25T:19.865636 United Music Subasio
04:46 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-25T:28.337257 2022-09-25T:28.337257 United Music Subasio
04:43 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-25T:40.161023 2022-09-25T:40.161023 United Music Subasio
04:39 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-25T:46.354779 2022-09-25T:46.354779 United Music Subasio
04:13 COLAPESCE E DIMARTINO Musica Leggerissima (cerrone Remix) 2022-09-25T:47.826114 2022-09-25T:47.826114 United Music Subasio
04:06 MACE La Canzone Nostra (feat. Blanco E Salmo) 2022-09-25T:31.845977 2022-09-25T:31.845977 United Music Subasio
03:51 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-25T:23.176071 2022-09-25T:23.176071 United Music Subasio
03:18 LUCA CARBONI Ci Stiamo Sbagliando 2022-09-25T:05.832225 2022-09-25T:05.832225 United Music Subasio
03:13 RINO GAETANO Ma Il Cielo È Sempre Più Blu 2022-09-25T:40.047263 2022-09-25T:40.047263 United Music Subasio
02:58 TOMMASO PARADISO La Stagione Del Cancro E Del Leone 2022-09-25T:05.358717 2022-09-25T:05.358717 United Music Subasio
02:45 DUA LIPA Don't Start Now (purple Disco Machine Remix) 2022-09-25T:05.476563 2022-09-25T:05.476563 United Music Subasio
02:34 BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON .PAAK, SILK SONIC Leave The Door Open 2022-09-25T:00.593503 2022-09-25T:00.593503 United Music Subasio
02:27 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-25T:38.640909 2022-09-25T:38.640909 United Music Subasio
01:56 MARCO MENGONI Tutti I Miei Ricordi 2022-09-25T:50.054651 2022-09-25T:50.054651 United Music Subasio
01:53 FEDEZ, TANANAI, MARA SATTEI La Dolce Vita 2022-09-25T:42.788942 2022-09-25T:42.788942 United Music Subasio
01:30 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-25T:11.206581 2022-09-25T:11.206581 United Music Subasio
01:13 BERTOLI PIERANGELO Il Pescatore 2022-09-25T:37.603172 2022-09-25T:37.603172 United Music Subasio
01:01 LUCIO BATTISTI Pensieri E Parole 2022-09-25T:25.947017 2022-09-25T:25.947017 United Music Subasio
00:56 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Giovani Wannabe 2022-09-25T:16.814036 2022-09-25T:16.814036 United Music Subasio
00:41 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-25T:14.047652 2022-09-25T:14.047652 United Music Subasio
00:27 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-25T:06.909971 2022-09-25T:06.909971 United Music Subasio
00:17 LUCA CARBONI Fragole Buone Buone 2022-09-25T:13.123259 2022-09-25T:13.123259 United Music Subasio
00:10 FRANCESCO DE GREGORI Adelante Adelante 2022-09-25T:09.671151 2022-09-25T:09.671151 United Music Subasio
00:07 ACHILLE LAURO C'est La Vie (feat. Fiorella Mannoia) 2022-09-25T:05.836041 2022-09-25T:05.836041 United Music Subasio

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