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Radio Subasio+ playlist

Don’t know what song’s been playing on the radio? Use our service to find it! Our playlist stores a Radio Subasio+ track list for the past 7 days.

(now in Perugia 07:37)
23:20 DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL Belle Of The Boulevard 2022-09-27T:52.573248 2022-09-27T:52.573248 United Music Subasio
23:06 BENSON GEORGE Livin Inside Your Love 2022-09-27T:10.354220 2022-09-27T:10.354220 United Music Subasio
23:03 BARRY MANILOW Stranger In The Night 2022-09-27T:03.628100 2022-09-27T:03.628100 United Music Subasio
22:43 MOYET ALISON Weak In The Presence Of Beauty 2022-09-27T:34.649337 2022-09-27T:34.649337 United Music Subasio
22:39 RANDY CRAWFORD You Might Need Somebody 2022-09-27T:25.252770 2022-09-27T:25.252770 United Music Subasio
22:30 REO SPEEDWAGON Can't Fight This Feeling 2022-09-27T:39.178763 2022-09-27T:39.178763 United Music Subasio
22:23 RONAN KEATING Life Is A Rollercoaster 2022-09-27T:58.266355 2022-09-27T:58.266355 United Music Subasio
22:18 ROBBIE WILLIAMS Something Beautiful 2022-09-27T:53.604688 2022-09-27T:53.604688 United Music Subasio
22:07 JOHN LEGEND Tonight Best You Ever Had Feat. Ludacris 2022-09-27T:43.046632 2022-09-27T:43.046632 United Music Subasio
21:58 FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD The Power Of Love 2022-09-27T:01.179626 2022-09-27T:01.179626 United Music Subasio
21:21 PRINCE The Most Beautiful Girl In The 2022-09-27T:46.322554 2022-09-27T:46.322554 United Music Subasio
21:11 CAT STEVENS Heaven Where True Love Goes 2022-09-27T:47.509532 2022-09-27T:47.509532 United Music Subasio
20:31 BOB DYLAN Beyond Here Lies Nothing 2022-09-27T:31.529312 2022-09-27T:31.529312 United Music Subasio
20:22 JOHNNY HALLIDAY & CARMEL J'oublierai Ton Nom 2022-09-27T:23.078805 2022-09-27T:23.078805 United Music Subasio
20:09 LEWIS CAPALDI Hold Me While You Wait 2022-09-27T:00.280025 2022-09-27T:00.280025 United Music Subasio
20:05 CHARLIE PUTH Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) 2022-09-27T:50.056784 2022-09-27T:50.056784 United Music Subasio
19:47 TRAVIE MCCOY Billionaire ( Feat. Bruno Mars) 2022-09-26T:19.321110 2022-09-26T:19.321110 United Music Subasio
19:39 CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT Down To Earth 2022-09-26T:42.733537 2022-09-26T:42.733537 United Music Subasio
19:14 COLDPLAY X SELENA GOMEZ Let Somebody Go 2022-09-26T:14.970496 2022-09-26T:14.970496 United Music Subasio
19:06 JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR Superstar 2022-09-26T:32.457297 2022-09-26T:32.457297 United Music Subasio
18:50 WHITNEY HOUSTON I Will Always Love You 2022-09-26T:34.707032 2022-09-26T:34.707032 United Music Subasio
18:45 MARC ALMOND Something Gotten Hold Of My Heart 2022-09-26T:02.226223 2022-09-26T:02.226223 United Music Subasio
17:59 DAVID GUETTA Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. Anne-marie) (acoustic) 2022-09-26T:12.592064 2022-09-26T:12.592064 United Music Subasio
17:08 VELVET UNDERGROUND Sunday Morming 2022-09-26T:04.906023 2022-09-26T:04.906023 United Music Subasio
16:46 FREDDY MERCURY The Great Pretender 2022-09-26T:18.566331 2022-09-26T:18.566331 United Music Subasio
16:34 MCCARTNEY PAUL Say Say Say (with Michael Jackson ) 2022-09-26T:13.509363 2022-09-26T:13.509363 United Music Subasio
16:08 MICK JAGGER Old Habits Die Hard (con Dave Stewart) 2022-09-26T:37.776746 2022-09-26T:37.776746 United Music Subasio
15:28 EURYTHMICS When Tomorrow Comes 2022-09-26T:27.922258 2022-09-26T:27.922258 United Music Subasio
14:51 MEDUZA Paradise (feat. Dermot Kennedy) (acoustic version) 2022-09-26T:52.585009 2022-09-26T:52.585009 United Music Subasio
14:45 MAROON 5 Sunday Morning Acoustic Version 2022-09-26T:04.697270 2022-09-26T:04.697270 United Music Subasio
14:38 BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON .PAAK, SILK SONIC Smokin Out The Window 2022-09-26T:24.717304 2022-09-26T:24.717304 United Music Subasio
14:04 FABI SILVESTRI GAZZE' L'amore Non Esiste 2022-09-26T:19.688633 2022-09-26T:19.688633 United Music Subasio
13:53 ZAYN & TAYLOR SWIFT I Don't Wanna Live Forever (fifty Shades Darker) 2022-09-26T:35.937279 2022-09-26T:35.937279 United Music Subasio
13:22 HERBIE HANCOCK Don't Give Up Feat. Pink E John Legend 2022-09-26T:11.176851 2022-09-26T:11.176851 United Music Subasio
12:50 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-26T:21.967474 2022-09-26T:21.967474 United Music Subasio
12:37 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-26T:44.921112 2022-09-26T:44.921112 United Music Subasio
12:30 PURPLE DISCO MACHINE, SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS In The Dark 2022-09-26T:53.146566 2022-09-26T:53.146566 United Music Subasio
12:11 FABRI FIBRA Stelle (feat. Maurizio Carucci) 2022-09-26T:39.167997 2022-09-26T:39.167997 United Music Subasio
12:09 BOOMDABASH, ANNALISA Tropicana 2022-09-26T:16.618433 2022-09-26T:16.618433 United Music Subasio
12:05 MARCO MENGONI Tutti I Miei Ricordi 2022-09-26T:52.007738 2022-09-26T:52.007738 United Music Subasio
12:02 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Ricordi 2022-09-26T:30.792307 2022-09-26T:30.792307 United Music Subasio
11:53 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-26T:58.310068 2022-09-26T:58.310068 United Music Subasio
11:50 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-26T:10.117758 2022-09-26T:10.117758 United Music Subasio
11:29 MAROON 5 Beautiful Mistakes (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) 2022-09-26T:57.006664 2022-09-26T:57.006664 United Music Subasio
10:41 CECILIA KRULL My Life Is Going On (burak Yeter Remix) 2022-09-26T:23.360795 2022-09-26T:23.360795 United Music Subasio
10:35 DAVID GUETTA Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. Anne Marie) 2022-09-26T:30.733433 2022-09-26T:30.733433 United Music Subasio
10:22 BOB SINCLAR Electrico Romantico (feat. Robbie Williams) (disco Mix ) 2022-09-26T:25.570511 2022-09-26T:25.570511 United Music Subasio
10:19 CLEAN BANDIT Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) 2022-09-26T:02.205826 2022-09-26T:02.205826 United Music Subasio
10:12 CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT Misfits 2022-09-26T:14.931025 2022-09-26T:14.931025 United Music Subasio
10:05 SIMPLY RED Something Got Me Started 2022-09-26T:57.966167 2022-09-26T:57.966167 United Music Subasio
09:45 POST MALONE I Like You (a Happier Song) (feat. Doja Cat) 2022-09-26T:21.200561 2022-09-26T:21.200561 United Music Subasio
09:28 TOMMASO PARADISO Piove In Discoteca 2022-09-26T:59.930221 2022-09-26T:59.930221 United Music Subasio
09:25 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Ringo Starr 2022-09-26T:58.760751 2022-09-26T:58.760751 United Music Subasio
09:07 DOOBIE BROTHERS Long Train Running 2022-09-26T:49.418786 2022-09-26T:49.418786 United Music Subasio
09:04 BEATS INTERNATIONAL Dub Be Good To Me 2022-09-26T:22.773626 2022-09-26T:22.773626 United Music Subasio
08:21 JACK SAVORETTI The Other Side Of Love (radio Mix) 2022-09-26T:52.043915 2022-09-26T:52.043915 United Music Subasio
06:55 ROONEY When Did Your Heart Go Missing 2022-09-26T:31.509270 2022-09-26T:31.509270 United Music Subasio
06:52 MIKE OLDFIELD Moonlight Shadow 2022-09-26T:00.683285 2022-09-26T:00.683285 United Music Subasio
06:04 FRANCESCO GABBANI Volevamo Solo Essere Felici 2022-09-26T:23.646904 2022-09-26T:23.646904 United Music Subasio
05:58 FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION Perfect 2022-09-26T:55.076960 2022-09-26T:55.076960 United Music Subasio
05:42 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-26T:48.639072 2022-09-26T:48.639072 United Music Subasio
05:30 CUTTING CREW I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight 2022-09-26T:48.860082 2022-09-26T:48.860082 United Music Subasio
05:17 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-26T:51.715261 2022-09-26T:51.715261 United Music Subasio
04:37 TINA TURNER We Don't Need Another Hero 2022-09-26T:44.655596 2022-09-26T:44.655596 United Music Subasio
04:25 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-26T:41.982636 2022-09-26T:41.982636 United Music Subasio
04:21 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-26T:52.891950 2022-09-26T:52.891950 United Music Subasio
04:15 LA RAPPRESENTANTE DI LISTA Ciao Ciao 2022-09-26T:53.389668 2022-09-26T:53.389668 United Music Subasio
04:12 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Giovani Wannabe 2022-09-26T:28.670518 2022-09-26T:28.670518 United Music Subasio
03:29 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-26T:42.293412 2022-09-26T:42.293412 United Music Subasio
03:22 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Under The Bridge 2022-09-26T:08.506956 2022-09-26T:08.506956 United Music Subasio
03:11 MARCO MENGONI Tutti I Miei Ricordi 2022-09-26T:04.992739 2022-09-26T:04.992739 United Music Subasio
03:08 FEDEZ, TANANAI, MARA SATTEI La Dolce Vita 2022-09-26T:56.337432 2022-09-26T:56.337432 United Music Subasio
02:09 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Sscooby Doo 2022-09-26T:41.922311 2022-09-26T:41.922311 United Music Subasio
01:51 TERENCE TRENT D' ARBY Dance Little Sister 2022-09-26T:09.845452 2022-09-26T:09.845452 United Music Subasio
01:47 LIL NAS X Star Walkin' (league Of Legends Worlds Anthem) 2022-09-26T:45.404348 2022-09-26T:45.404348 United Music Subasio
01:41 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-26T:48.884542 2022-09-26T:48.884542 United Music Subasio
01:35 SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS We Own The Night 2022-09-26T:17.138018 2022-09-26T:17.138018 United Music Subasio
01:08 BOOMDABASH, ANNALISA Tropicana 2022-09-26T:10.322628 2022-09-26T:10.322628 United Music Subasio
00:50 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-26T:11.273176 2022-09-26T:11.273176 United Music Subasio
00:33 BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON .PAAK, SILK SONIC Skate 2022-09-26T:48.539486 2022-09-26T:48.539486 United Music Subasio
00:29 MICHAEL JACKSON The Way You Make Me Feeel 2022-09-26T:43.926568 2022-09-26T:43.926568 United Music Subasio

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