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Radio Subasio+ playlist

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(now in Perugia 20:32)
23:50 ROBBIE WILLIAMS Advertising Space 2022-09-29T:32.785584 2022-09-29T:32.785584 United Music Subasio
23:30 DAVID GUETTA Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. Anne-marie) (acoustic) 2022-09-29T:57.029453 2022-09-29T:57.029453 United Music Subasio
23:13 BACHARACH BURT I'll Never Fall In Love Again 2022-09-29T:52.848838 2022-09-29T:52.848838 United Music Subasio
23:07 THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS California Dreaming 2022-09-29T:06.321076 2022-09-29T:06.321076 United Music Subasio
22:56 ZAYN & TAYLOR SWIFT I Don't Wanna Live Forever (fifty Shades Darker) 2022-09-29T:03.987578 2022-09-29T:03.987578 United Music Subasio
22:30 JIM DIAMOND I Should Have Know Better 2022-09-29T:27.077986 2022-09-29T:27.077986 United Music Subasio
22:17 LISA STANSFIELD All Around The World 2022-09-29T:42.839481 2022-09-29T:42.839481 United Music Subasio
21:59 EURYTHMICS I Saved The World Today 2022-09-29T:59.105042 2022-09-29T:59.105042 United Music Subasio
21:52 MEDUZA Paradise (feat. Dermot Kennedy) (acoustic version) 2022-09-29T:09.160671 2022-09-29T:09.160671 United Music Subasio
21:39 TEMPTATIONS Papa Was A Rolling Stone 2022-09-29T:09.925017 2022-09-29T:09.925017 United Music Subasio
21:29 DIRE STRAITS Private Investigation 2022-09-29T:24.024381 2022-09-29T:24.024381 United Music Subasio
20:42 TOPLOADER Dancing In The Moonlight 2022-09-29T:34.999178 2022-09-29T:34.999178 United Music Subasio
19:57 ANTONY AND THE JOHNSONS You Are My Sister 2022-09-28T:07.332032 2022-09-28T:07.332032 United Music Subasio
19:44 BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON .PAAK, SILK SONIC Skate 2022-09-28T:36.778242 2022-09-28T:36.778242 United Music Subasio
19:34 ALBERT HAMMOND It Never Rains In South California 2022-09-28T:05.969207 2022-09-28T:05.969207 United Music Subasio
19:04 CHARLIE CALELLO ORCHESTRA Sing Sing Sing 2022-09-28T:19.838029 2022-09-28T:19.838029 United Music Subasio
18:36 COLDPLAY Paradise (feat Lela Zadora) 2022-09-28T:00.902468 2022-09-28T:00.902468 United Music Subasio
18:14 AMY WINEHOUSE Between The Cheats 2022-09-28T:15.062529 2022-09-28T:15.062529 United Music Subasio
18:11 JASON DERULO Savage Love (laxed Siren Beat) 2022-09-28T:28.130279 2022-09-28T:28.130279 United Music Subasio
18:01 SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE Family Affair 2022-09-28T:20.482156 2022-09-28T:20.482156 United Music Subasio
17:51 ROBBIE WILLIAMS Shame (feat Gary Barlow) 2022-09-28T:07.452682 2022-09-28T:07.452682 United Music Subasio
16:47 THE KORGIS Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime 2022-09-28T:22.569124 2022-09-28T:22.569124 United Music Subasio
15:59 LEWIS CAPALDI Hold Me While You Wait 2022-09-28T:07.000247 2022-09-28T:07.000247 United Music Subasio
15:54 GREEN DAY Boulevard Of Broken Dreams 2022-09-28T:39.647592 2022-09-28T:39.647592 United Music Subasio
15:31 BENSON GEORGE Livin Inside Your Love 2022-09-28T:40.563535 2022-09-28T:40.563535 United Music Subasio
15:23 INDO AMINATA Love Will Be On Your Side-edit 2022-09-28T:32.361859 2022-09-28T:32.361859 United Music Subasio
15:20 IMAGINE DRAGONS Whatever It Takes 2022-09-28T:34.308237 2022-09-28T:34.308237 United Music Subasio
15:17 CHARLIE PUTH Marvin Gaye (feat. Meghan Trainor) 2022-09-28T:24.090814 2022-09-28T:24.090814 United Music Subasio
14:37 JOHN LEGEND Tonight Best You Ever Had Feat. Ludacris 2022-09-28T:31.936287 2022-09-28T:31.936287 United Music Subasio
14:11 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Ricordi 2022-09-28T:51.574341 2022-09-28T:51.574341 United Music Subasio
14:02 FRANCO BATTIATO Sentimiento Nuevo 2022-09-28T:42.381351 2022-09-28T:42.381351 United Music Subasio
13:49 BRUNO MARS, ANDERSON .PAAK, SILK SONIC Leave The Door Open 2022-09-28T:32.996209 2022-09-28T:32.996209 United Music Subasio
13:32 TRAVIE MCCOY Billionaire ( Feat. Bruno Mars) 2022-09-28T:32.049657 2022-09-28T:32.049657 United Music Subasio
13:28 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-28T:31.290709 2022-09-28T:31.290709 United Music Subasio
13:15 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-28T:34.016230 2022-09-28T:34.016230 United Music Subasio
13:05 COLAPESCE E DIMARTINO Musica Leggerissima (cerrone Remix) 2022-09-28T:11.877536 2022-09-28T:11.877536 United Music Subasio
13:02 THEGIORNALISTI Questa Nostra Stupida Canzone D'amore 2022-09-28T:59.264444 2022-09-28T:59.264444 United Music Subasio
12:04 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI La Storia Infinita 2022-09-28T:06.113354 2022-09-28T:06.113354 United Music Subasio
11:28 LOS UNIDADES & PHARRELL WILLIAMS E-lo (feat. Jozzy) 2022-09-28T:23.990825 2022-09-28T:23.990825 United Music Subasio
11:23 SPANDAU BALLET Only When You Leave 2022-09-28T:39.153333 2022-09-28T:39.153333 United Music Subasio
11:16 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-28T:58.363612 2022-09-28T:58.363612 United Music Subasio
11:01 MACE La Canzone Nostra (feat. Blanco E Salmo) 2022-09-28T:31.498238 2022-09-28T:31.498238 United Music Subasio
10:45 LADY GAGA, ARIANA GRANDE Rain On Me (purple Disco Machine) 2022-09-28T:25.095360 2022-09-28T:25.095360 United Music Subasio
10:29 BILLIE EILISH Everything I Wanted 2022-09-28T:13.667747 2022-09-28T:13.667747 United Music Subasio
10:18 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Take Back The Night 2022-09-28T:39.556655 2022-09-28T:39.556655 United Music Subasio
09:55 FABRI FIBRA Stelle (feat. Maurizio Carucci) 2022-09-28T:35.964625 2022-09-28T:35.964625 United Music Subasio
09:42 CAMILA CABELLO Havana (feat. Young Thug) 2022-09-28T:12.574566 2022-09-28T:12.574566 United Music Subasio
09:39 BOB SINCLAR Romantico Starlight (feat. Robbie Williams) VS THE SUPERMEN LOVERS 2022-09-28T:15.838220 2022-09-28T:15.838220 United Music Subasio
09:24 THE WEEKND Sacrifice (remix) Ft. Swedish House Mafia 2022-09-28T:13.985931 2022-09-28T:13.985931 United Music Subasio
09:07 WHITNEY HOUSTON I Wanna Dance With Somebody 2022-09-28T:26.640032 2022-09-28T:26.640032 United Music Subasio
08:00 DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL Belle Of The Boulevard 2022-09-28T:22.336885 2022-09-28T:22.336885 United Music Subasio
07:28 GEORGE HARRISON I've Got My Mind Set On You 2022-09-28T:40.353997 2022-09-28T:40.353997 United Music Subasio
07:20 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Californication 2022-09-28T:14.964110 2022-09-28T:14.964110 United Music Subasio
06:43 MOYET ALISON Weak In The Presence Of Beauty 2022-09-28T:09.544119 2022-09-28T:09.544119 United Music Subasio
06:24 JHONNY HATES JAZZ Shattered Dreams 2022-09-28T:02.907126 2022-09-28T:02.907126 United Music Subasio
06:20 ROBIN THICKE Blurred Lines Featuring Pharrell 2022-09-28T:51.493545 2022-09-28T:51.493545 United Music Subasio
06:16 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-28T:33.431839 2022-09-28T:33.431839 United Music Subasio
06:03 VASCO ROSSI Una Canzone D'amore Buttata Via 2022-09-28T:09.502271 2022-09-28T:09.502271 United Music Subasio
05:58 DUA LIPA Don't Start Now (purple Disco Machine Remix) 2022-09-28T:55.516695 2022-09-28T:55.516695 United Music Subasio
05:51 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-28T:41.942261 2022-09-28T:41.942261 United Music Subasio
05:43 PAUL YOUNG Love Of The Common People 2022-09-28T:11.768075 2022-09-28T:11.768075 United Music Subasio
05:25 CALVIN HARRIS, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, HALSEY & PHARRELL WILLIAMS Stay With Me 2022-09-28T:16.573793 2022-09-28T:16.573793 United Music Subasio
05:18 LIL NAS X Star Walkin' (league Of Legends Worlds Anthem) 2022-09-28T:29.042584 2022-09-28T:29.042584 United Music Subasio
05:15 SOPHIE AND THE GIANTS Golden Nights (feat. Benny Benassi, Dardust, Astrality) 2022-09-28T:17.661241 2022-09-28T:17.661241 United Music Subasio
05:09 FEDEZ, TANANAI, MARA SATTEI La Dolce Vita 2022-09-28T:50.975625 2022-09-28T:50.975625 United Music Subasio
05:05 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Giovani Wannabe 2022-09-28T:26.258242 2022-09-28T:26.258242 United Music Subasio
04:37 JASON DERULO Lifestyle (feat. Adam Levine) 2022-09-28T:23.121991 2022-09-28T:23.121991 United Music Subasio
04:34 ARETHA FRANKLIN I Say A Little Prayer 2022-09-28T:48.447433 2022-09-28T:48.447433 United Music Subasio
04:29 CRISTOPHER CROSS Ride Like The Wind 2022-09-28T:36.142849 2022-09-28T:36.142849 United Music Subasio
04:09 MARCO MENGONI Tutti I Miei Ricordi 2022-09-28T:45.448693 2022-09-28T:45.448693 United Music Subasio
04:05 RINO GAETANO Ma Il Cielo È Sempre Più Blu 2022-09-28T:19.266829 2022-09-28T:19.266829 United Music Subasio
03:48 FOSTER Fools (can’t Help Falling In Love) (feat. Sody) 2022-09-28T:59.973535 2022-09-28T:59.973535 United Music Subasio
03:31 MIKA Celebrate Feat. Pharell Williams 2022-09-28T:54.756870 2022-09-28T:54.756870 United Music Subasio
03:17 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-28T:34.348248 2022-09-28T:34.348248 United Music Subasio
03:10 BOOMDABASH, ANNALISA Tropicana 2022-09-28T:50.849810 2022-09-28T:50.849810 United Music Subasio
03:07 FEDEZ, ORIETTA BERTI, ACHILLE LAURO Mille 2022-09-28T:57.530893 2022-09-28T:57.530893 United Music Subasio
02:59 FLORENCE & THE MACHINE You've Got The Love 2022-09-28T:12.385742 2022-09-28T:12.385742 United Music Subasio
02:52 ELTON JOHN & BRITNEY SPEARS Hold Me Closer 2022-09-28T:33.615921 2022-09-28T:33.615921 United Music Subasio
02:45 LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY I Could Have Loved You 2022-09-28T:31.754771 2022-09-28T:31.754771 United Music Subasio
02:21 JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE What Goes Around Comes Around 2022-09-28T:41.736841 2022-09-28T:41.736841 United Music Subasio
02:14 LO STATO SOCIALE Una Vita In Vacanza 2022-09-28T:03.825495 2022-09-28T:03.825495 United Music Subasio
02:10 PINGUINI TATTICI NUCLEARI Ridere 2022-09-28T:35.394084 2022-09-28T:35.394084 United Music Subasio
02:06 TOMMASO PARADISO Ma Lo Vuoi Capire 2022-09-28T:42.314735 2022-09-28T:42.314735 United Music Subasio
02:03 VASCO ROSSI La Pioggia Alla Domenica (feat. Marracash) 2022-09-28T:25.242866 2022-09-28T:25.242866 United Music Subasio
01:47 BLACK EYED PEAS, SHAKIRA, DAVID GUETTA Don’t You Worry 2022-09-28T:35.306877 2022-09-28T:35.306877 United Music Subasio
01:37 GYM CLASS HEROES Cupid's Chokehold 2022-09-28T:56.231098 2022-09-28T:56.231098 United Music Subasio
01:12 COLAPESCE E DIMARTINO Musica Leggerissima 2022-09-28T:07.036140 2022-09-28T:07.036140 United Music Subasio
00:50 CALVIN HARRIS, DUA LIPA, YOUNG THUG Potion 2022-09-28T:17.729462 2022-09-28T:17.729462 United Music Subasio
00:43 LIL NAS X Star Walkin' (league Of Legends Worlds Anthem) 2022-09-28T:45.354000 2022-09-28T:45.354000 United Music Subasio
00:35 BENNY BLANCO, BTS, SNOOP DOGG Bad Decisions 2022-09-28T:47.728906 2022-09-28T:47.728906 United Music Subasio
00:30 ARIZONA ZERVAS Roxanne (feat. Swae Lee) (remix) 2022-09-28T:57.144558 2022-09-28T:57.144558 United Music Subasio
00:16 CULTURE CLUB Do You Relly Want To Hurt Me 2022-09-28T:57.603569 2022-09-28T:57.603569 United Music Subasio

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