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Your Kawartha Oldies

Рэйтынг: 4.6 Ацэнак: 5
Fantastic Kawartha Time Machine is what we call it, and we have all of your favourite oldies, around the clock on your computer, digital radio or mobile device. Classic commercials, TV shows and movies, news flashbacks and more. Enjoy the ride! And come back anytime, okay?
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Зараз у эфіры Your Kawartha Oldies

Прамы эфір Them Gloria (feat. Van Morrison)
05:43 Crowbar Oh, What a Feeling
05:39 Army Navy Feathered
Плейлист Your Kawartha Oldies

ТОП трэкі на Your Kawartha Oldies

Barbra Streisand - EvergreenBarbra Streisand — Evergreen
Jennifer Rush - The Power of LoveJennifer Rush — The Power of Love
BATMAN - -Batman — Batman
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have FunCyndi Lauper — Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Jethro Tull - A Christmas SongJethro Tull — A Christmas Song
Gordon Lightfoot - The Last Time I Saw HerGordon Lightfoot — The Last Time I Saw Her
Burton Cummings - I Will Play A RhapsodyBurton Cummings — I Will Play a Rhapsody
The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your HandThe Beatles — I Want to Hold Your Hand
TV Themes - The Partridge Family - TV (The Cowsills)TV — Family

Водгукі аб Your Kawartha Oldies

  • 4
    Terrific oldies selection, with interesting clips from the 60’s—70’s era. Nice to get an Ontario-based show of this format so that we get Central Ontario news & weather. Late nights features Crooners-type playlists featuring show tunes & standards. Tonight I heard GET ME TO THE CHURCH ON TIME & RUMORS ARE FLYING. I would like an online ‘tunes played’ if available, as I like to identify the vocalist (thought I heard Robert Goulet tonight?)
  • 5
    Great! tunes, I wish I could connect to my Google Home device. Happy New Year 2022 to all ...
  • 5
    Love the show John. Great to hear some of the old songs that we don't hear much anymore. Thanks for playing my song and supporting our local talent.
  • 5
    Fantastic tunes on your program, John....Best compilation of Country Classic tunes ever!!! Congrats John!!
  • 4
    The Wired Woodshed is the funniest, most ridiculous bit of pure off the cuff creativity that I have ever heard

Кантакты радыёстанцыі

Email: requests@yourkawarthaoldies.com
Facebook: @yourKawarthaOLDIES
Twitter: @GordoGibboOldie


Час у горадзе Peterborough: 05:50, 12.08.2022

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