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94.5 ESPN

Рэйтынг: 2.8 Ацэнак: 5
WKTI (94.5 FM) – branded 94.5 ESPN Milwaukee – is a commercial sports radio station licensed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serving the Milwaukee metropolitan area.
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Водгукі аб 94.5 ESPN

  • 1
    mark chmura is a piece of SHIT ! I would never leave a woman alone with this predator, Maybe he should jump in front of a semi,or bus ,even a train, he is so tough ! He and the welfare Queen,brett Farve, have a lot in common,Really Creepy people.! He has no business,speaking for the packers,He is a really Big Loser,In a hot tub with teen age girls in his underwere,, His camera ,problably got wet so he couildnt send ,dick pics .GET HIS ASS OUT OF WISCONSIN<WE DONT WANT HIM<HE IS A DISGRACE TO THE PACKERS,AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE HERE !
  • 1
    I listened to the new show that replaced Tony Smith. It is terrible. Tony Smith had a reasoned opinion and never said anything outrageous. His thoughtful approach to his job will be missed. Instead of Tony we know have three screaming kids yelling over each other to get airtime. Craig, I do not know what you were thinking when you came up with these clowns. However, you can correct the mistake by canceling the clowns and brig back Tony with Homer for two hours.
  • 2
    Homer you are a class act. Tony brought no value and even worse for Marquette bball. He is not a radio personality.
  • 5
    Monday thru Friday - 2-4 p.m. The Most Fun on-air in Milwaukee :)
  • 5
    Love it

Кантакты радыёстанцыі

Адрас: 310 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Тэлефон: +1 414-273-3776
Facebook: @ESPNMilwaukee
Twitter: @espnmilwaukee
Instagram: @espnmilwaukee

Час у горадзе Горад Мілуокі: 01:23, 05.28.2024

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