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107.3 HFM is a community radio station that broadcasts on 107.3 MHz FM from its studios at 43 Mills Road West in Gosnells, Western Australia.107.3 HFM broadcasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing a wide range of music programs produced and presented by local residents, ranging from rock, heavy metal, country, jazz through to folk, classical, gospel and promoting local bands and Australian music in general throughout the programs. Больш
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Зараз у эфіры HFM

Прамы эфір Bee Gees Alone
15:49 Sarah Blasko We Won't Run
15:42 Gorillaz - Stylo Ft. Bobby Womack & Mos Def
Плейлист HFM

ТОП трэкі на HFM

Live - Reflections
107.3 Jingle
I'll Never Find Another YouThe Seekers — I'll Never Find Another You
Normie Rowe - Que Sera Sera
The Groove - Simon Says
Bobbie & Laurie - Hitch Hiker
Doug Parkinson - Dear Prudence
The Real ThingRussell Morris — The Real Thing
Somebody's Image - Hush
Johnny Young - Let It Be Me

Водгукі аб HFM

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    Love every one of them , wish we had music like that today we had the best in those years
  • 5

Інфармацыя пра радыё

Every Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm enjoy songs the other stations have forgotten about, with hits from the 60s to the 90's with more music and less talk. Overnight has our selection of easy listening music.
107.3 HFM is a not for profit community organisation that aims to encourage your involvement in presenting local information, music and entertainment relevant to our community.

107.3 HFM is your local community radio station whether you are a resident, worker, student or a casual visitor in the Local Government areas of Armadale, Gosnells or Canning in the south east metropolitan suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.
107.3 HFM broadcasts a number of diverse programs, and profiles the general community and its organisations. We present local sports with talk based programs covering, local junior and senior football, cricket and the world football (soccer) plus horse and dog racing.107.3HFM covers youth issues, entertainment, and talk on the latest in joystick techniques with the focus for our younger community members.

Our outside broadcast volunteers are out in the community regularly at concerts, festivals, business venues and community events.Don’t forget to come and say hello when you see us. We encourage your participation, we ask for community opinion and feedback on your station's programs.

So please supply feedback on the website.107.3 HFM wishes to acknowledge the support of our sponsors, supporters and our many local community volunteers without whom the station would not function.

Кантакты радыёстанцыі

Тэлефон: 33 Mills Rd West Gosnells, Western Australia, Australia

Тэлефон: +61 8 9398 3100

Email: secretary@heritagefm.org

PO BOX 117, GOSNELLS Western Australia 6990

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