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Einschaltquote: 4.5 Bewertungen: 10
WMAL is a broadcast radio station in Washington, DC, United States, providing News and Talk Radio on In Washington, DC on WMAL 630 AM and to Woodbridge, Virginia, United States on WMAL-FM 105.9 FM.
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Bewertungen von WMAL

  • 5
    Great radio station plus Chris Plante. What more could I want!
  • 5
    canada is very upset if biden wins i live in alberta and we depend on are oil supplies to get to port etc pipe lines etc were screwed now big time usa u done a wrong thing for the world even tho trump says a lot of crap most will become true he says things people cant stand to hear the truth
  • 5
    Congratulations on your switch from the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK (CNN) to FOX NEWS. Great choice from your corporate headquarters.
  • 5
    Nice music aguascalientes mexico
  • 4
    What happened to Chris Plante?
  • 5
    Maria Leaf is awesome.
  • 4
    less of maria leaf please.. shes so fake
  • 5
    I love everyone on your station, keep up the good work.
  • 4
    Where is Michael Savage ??
  • 3
    My review is about the 3-6 time slot with Larry O’Conner. First and foremost, love, love, love Chris Plante. Rush and Mark are both solid. However, Mr. O’Conner is a blemish to the line-up. He continues to embarrass himself and WMAL. Here are 4 samples: I know that Larry is a Catholic. But he made reference once to simpthizing with a movement of thinking Woman that have had abortions should be charged with murder. I almost had a car accident! The next cast was when he told a story of trying to help his Mother get porn off her computer. He started on this sick rant about wether his Mother actually views porn. It was truly distasteful. The third broadcast was when the Washington Redskins were having trouble with fights breaking out in summer practice sessions. Larry totally approved with “men being men” and it was great. Hummmm. Tonight, listening to the show was my personal end....he proclaimed that “ dogs belong outside and never allowed indoors”. Now, my first reaction was this was a joke or a ploy to get people rallied up. He came on later in the show to say, “ I didn’t mean that, blah, blah” ...I think he actually meant what he said! Where is Micheal Savage ? Or anybody?


Adresse: 4400 Jenifer Street NW Washington, DC 20015

Telefon: +1 202-686-3100


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