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Stand with Ukraine. Save peace in the world!

Hot Talk KSFO 560 AM

Rating: 3.7 Reviews: 42
Hot Talk 560 - KSFO is a broadcast radio station in San Francisco, California, United States, providing Conservative Talk Radio. The Bay Area’s exclusive HOT TALK radio station. Whether it’s talking about public transit, the public school system, the mayor, the president or the federal deficit, KSFO Radio talk shows are driven by issues and callers. Our hosts respond according to their own convictions.
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Hot Talk KSFO 560 AM reviews

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    Dan follow the smoking gun. Green said the Hamas might have been armed by Ukraine or the Taliban. I put the Cartel and all the criminals that are now locked up in El Salvador as possible sources of arms. Check the serial numbers on the weapons.
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    Appears you are no longer accepting comments!
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    So experts don't know Dan. Who is an expect after a high school diploma. Dan I am going to walk 5 miles to buy a newspaper. I am a refugee from KGO 810. They had experts discussing the topics. Dan you were a secret agent; you didn't make it. The only voice I hear is that you wine/wein/cry about everything. Water and transportation and energy are important to California. Please you focused rant on the Conservatives talk is one sided. The only fight is from the right.
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    I miss Don Sherwood
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    Ok. I use to improve my English
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    1, I dont actually agree with the terms and conditions I checked the box to before "permission" of this comment as ita not an actual binding signiture. PUBLIC KNOWLEGE dissimination. This is a good product no doubt about that, why apple products has a contract with this system, altered its code text to hardwire our phones into background spy apps that record everything we say. You may know this, good, then what you dont know, is if you read the copy rights, self proclaimed law, legality and politics to make them look like they can do what they want with ylour data without a novel. They do disclose this info thats hard to navigate read then understand, so, if say blue tooth is on and conected you now have a web of connected devices, of turned off service entirily, a phone convo is still recorded and decodered in code RF data signal form yet to be pulled from source service, thus in limbo so to speak, un altered and un traceble if you dont know this exosts ir have the tech to extract and decifer this code and in this example, a somple phone convo. For example with these politics and your actual human rights in play, lets say an illegal act such a a murder occured and in the dogital real your device recorded it all, ita actually up to the device owner if said evedence is used for good in a court of law if thats the case. This human right always trumps pesky 3rd party shadow tech working in the background away from apple comanys name for example, they just wanna get paid too and they are happy. Of course knowing this and your rights doesnt make them money thus, a novel of tepeated code, imaginary terms, and the actual factual info the copy right and the sites sources of service and company. you as the device owner sow into these comanys however with your purchase and activated provided data carrier service continued to operate and they produce the tech it says it does. You have a say as your personal info is that on your property as is your right regardless off them telling you, you own a product but its sofware with the loophope of the backdoor 3rd party operating system they vaguly mention, is decevied you to think they arent subjec to honor those agreeing partys words and texts that state as such. Heres the legal part the delema rests, these 3rd party companys illegally collect data and sell such data to whatever targeted marketers who like sharks want to sell you a product according to what this primitive impersonal data file says about this persons personal character, likes, ect to market you like meat in hopes of a dirty dollar. What does this mean, any 3rd party companies on America not fully dissclosed and aknowleged with its true intent and dissclosure through the same advertising schemes is very illegal and violates human rights and constitutional foindational laws here in America. Legally if a marketing commersial on TV sells you an idea on a hyped up lie, they have to also have factual and advertised intents/mission statments and aknowleged big corperates like apple whom employ them to do so anyways. Thus you in a nut shell are an open case file of info data subject to sale like ,,,,, slave data, however if you are red flagged and say have clearance to the world these primitive companys leach off of, they will try to (like good ol mark Z of facebook) steal your idea and hard work and sell it to the highest bidder like a peoce of meat before the original founders are able to act, because, time and patience and calibration of the original product worhin the mind of the original owner of said idea, nothing artificialize a copyed idea, but they still make billions of dollars because less learned narratives/people are awe struck by this new thing and jump on the bamd waggon and leave those not on it in the dust, thus those who seek to do good have a much harder job doing so against the evils looking and waiting to jump and attack such entities becaise the simple fact of the matter, they simply and selfishly worship a dollar, and are ultimatly doomed for it. Those are the facts told by me, not you, accept, adapt and over come humanity! I have faith those with good in their hearts and will not get offended like most are groomed to when they read the truth in knowlege. This is what the trooth looks like, no need to add argue or oppose, simply read this, heed the text, and do the right thing. Love always,,,,,The Source.
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    BEEN My FAVORITE ( And ONLY ) Station FOR Years THAT 👁 Listen TO All DAY Long AND Anxiously WAITING For DAN Bongino TO Begin HIS " New " 3 HOUR Show 🇺🇲👍🇺🇲🎯🇺10%🇺🇲
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    love listenin 2 this

Radio contacts

Address: 750 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone: +1 415-808-5600
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @560ksfo
Twitter: @560ksfo

Time in San Francisco: 12:56, 12.03.2023

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