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BFBS Cyprus

Limassol, 89.9-107.3 MHz FM
Penilaian: 4.9 Ulasan: 9
BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Service: entertaining and informing British Service personnel and their families in British Forces Cyprus, and worldwide. Tunjukkan lebih banyak
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Ulasan-ulasan BFBS Cyprus

  • 5
    Excellent radio shows and presenters. Where can I find an online playlist for today please ?
  • 5
    BFBS Cyprus, love u!!!
  • 5
    Super radio,great music tracks,listen in Russia.
  • 5
    Heard this radio on a summer trip in Cyprus. Even if we are living and working in another country, most of the time we listen BFBS. Great job, and greetings from Moldova.
  • 5
    quality sound and quality music
  • 5
    Good programmes
  • 5
    Very good music more different songs thank you your doing a great job
  • 4
    screen display
  • 5

Maklumat tentang radio

Forces Radio BFBS exists to connect the British Forces community. That's all three services: Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force. We operate in more than 20 countries around the world.

We're here for everyone with a connection to the British Forces, whether they're serving, relatives, friends or just supporters of the work done by the men and women who take the Queen's shilling and deploy to carry out the requirements of the British government. We're proud of what we do - and we're proud of what our audience does.

We have local stations, broadcasting a mix of local and BFBS UK-generated programmes on FM transmitters, in countries as diverse as Belize, Cyprus, Germany, the Falklands and Northern Ireland. BFBS Afghanistan is on air daily in Camp Bastion and we even operate a service exclusively for the Brigade of Gurkhas, with stations in Kathmandu, Brunei and Shorncliffe in Kent.

BFBS Radio presenters live and work alongside our audience. Most of our team have done operational tours in Iraq or the Balkans, detachments to the Falklands and been posted to permanent stations from Germany to Gibraltar. We don't pretend to run the same risks as our audience (not all the time, anyway) but we do believe that our willingness to deploy to the same places as our listeners gives us the kind of empathy that no other radio service could provide.

Our "demographic" is unlike that of any other radio station. Our serving listeners range from 16 to 55, while their families and friends cover the whole age spectrum! Because of this, we play a wide range of music, from the sixties to now, and cover the entire musical spectrum from pop to rock and urban. Quite simply, BFBS Radio is unique and there's something for everyone.

We specialise in "on-air blueys" (messages and dedications for the British Forces), have our own in-house and editorially independent news service, cover Forces sports events such as the annual Army v Navy rugby match at Twickenham and pack our programmes full of stories, interviews and "stuff" about our unique audience.

Kenalan radio

Alamat: BFBS Radio Akrotiri, Limassol, Cyprus
Telefon: +357 25 278518
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @BFBSCyprus
Twitter: @BFBSCyprus
Instagram: @bfbsradio

Masa di Limassol: 00:34, 07.16.2024

Pasang aplikasi Online Radio Box yang percuma dan dengar stesen radio kegemaran anda secara dalam talian – di mana jua anda berada!