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6PR Radio

Perth 882 kHz AM
Rating: 3.2 Beoordelingen: 6
6PR is a commercial talk radio station owned by Fairfax Media Limited (one of the largest media companies in Australia and New Zealand). 6PR broadcasts in Perth on 882 kHz AM frequencies. That is why it is also sometimes called 882 6PR radio station. It was established in 1931 (12 years after the first radio station was introduced in Australia). So it is one of the oldest radio stations on the continent. Toon meer
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6PR Radio beoordelingen

  • 5
    Great listening
  • 5
    Public art in Victoria Park is great, it is both diverse and interesting like the Swans on cnr of Duncan Street and Albany hwy adjacent to the Post Office and many others along Albany Highway.. Those in the Burswood Park reserve in Victoria park are exemplary examples of art and history.
  • 5
    I Love 6PR, best talk back going and keeps me up to date on the goings on in Perth. Keep up the great work team!
  • 2
    Hey Gareth why don't you allow questions to be placed to that A G C Porter frightened he might get caught out lying like Sco Mo????
  • 1
    Why is it so hard to listen to any online statios,un bloody believable.
  • 1
    Hi there, I'd like sharing my upset with the job Gary Adshead did in the radio interview with James Fairbairn earlier this week about everyone not supporting water flouridation in WA strangely had a British accent. That's far from any demonstrating good journalist behaviour and priciples and simply unacceptable. I'm German born Australian Citizen and with that have a German accent. Might well be listening to Gary's accent he probably never experienced anything else other than living Australia which would support the narrow-minded view he shares on air. The fact probably why most anti-flouride people have accents is because they experienced a way of life w/o water fouridation leading to exactly the same reduction and today's levels in child tooth decay. Dericive opinions like Gary's voiced on air support the anachornistic politics of most of our elderly political class in WA and their approach of nannying the population rather than educating them and giving them responsibility for their own lives. I'm not sure how 6PR can stand for this. Best regards Andy Kupfer

Informatie over de radio

6PR 882 radio station has a talkback format and plays news, talks and sports only. Their slogan “Talking Perth” clearly reflects their format policy. In the early days it also broadcasted music and was one of the most top rated radio stations in Perth. It now provides information on various topics including:

• Politics
• Business
• Culture
• Health
• Sports
• Entertainment

There are 28 radio stations available in Perth and only two of them are authorized to cover Australian Football League. 882 6PR is one of those two radio stations and this is just one of their features. Enjoy their live stream on our website and listen to 882 6PR online. You can also install our free app on your mobile device and listen to thousands of radios from all over the world.


Adres: Level 1, 169 Hay Street East Perth WA 6004

Telefoon: open line and talkback: +61 (08) 9221 1882

Postal Address: GPO Box 4290, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia
Fax: (02) 8570 0219
reception: +61 (08) 9220 1400
Head Office Address: Radio 2GB, Level G, Building C, 33-35 Saunders St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia
Macquarie Media Limited
Phone: (02) 8570 0000
Fax: (02) 8570 0219

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