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670 The Score

Şikago, 670 kHz AM
Puan: 2.4 Yorumlar: 5
Chicago's Sports Radio 670 The Score (WSCR-AM) has been the voice of the Chicago Sports Fan for over 16 years and also streams worldwide online. The station is owned by CBS Radio and transmits on 670 kHz on the AM dial. Its transmitter is located in Bloomingdale, Ill. It's known as "The Score," and has been on the air since 1992. 670 The Score is Chicago Sports talk with local personality and flavor. WSCR is also the home for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Rush, The Bank of America Chicago Marathon, DePaul Basketball, and Northern Illinois University Football and Basketball.
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670 The Score değerlendirmeler

  • 1
    Berstein…he needs to go, can’t listen to this pompous arrogant bigoted idiot.
  • 2
    For being the radio home of the Cubs, all i ever hear them talk about is the Bears and White Sox.
  • 2
    Still enjoy the sports information when you have
  • 2
    I heard the great news about the new line up next week for your shows. What I heard was " one hour less of Dan Bernstein", To that, I say "Hip Hip Hooray!" the good news: One hour less of hearing that pompous jerk trying to funny and failing . Bad news: There still some time this loser is on the air each day. That sucks. :)
  • 5
    Love the score all the Info,opinions.the hosts,ads,all insight, interviews,up dates.

Radyo temasları

Adresi: 180 N. Stetson Avenue, Suite 1250, Chicago, IL 60601
Telefonunda: +1 (312) 729-3967
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @670TheScore
Twitter: @670TheScore
Instagram: @670thescore

Studio phone: (312) 644-6767

Şikago saati: 06:35, 07.19.2024

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