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HOT 97

New York, 97.1 MHz FM
Hodnotenie: 4.9 Recenzie: 8
WQHT (97.1 FM) – also known as "Hot 97" – is an American radio station licensed to New York City under the corporate ownership of Emmis Communications
240 19

Recenzie HOT 97

  • 5
    hot 97!!!!!!! thats my home!
  • 5
    Dj Dubbz is the man boy
  • 5
    I like this Ebro in the Morning.
  • 5
    Woke up just to be alive and listen to DJ SHORTKUTZ
  • 4
    Aim Munira Hama whom were infected with hiv 2 in Staten Island and those whom gotten paid are Oprah whom is beyonce biological mom and baracka Obama whom never migrated here with proper papers whom has fucked Beyoncé now hov has been ducking me because he knows what they did basically he had a paint if dr king that had my information and they stolen and gave to Beyoncé whom real names isn’t her name is sirian whom hadn’t been truthful about whom had those children not her mama and Sasha Obama has them for her plus aim one whom lost it all my late dad never met me because they all made him believe beyonce is mandelas daughter when aim tell jayz aim one whom he left in a car in Staten Island go make matter wirse I have been struggling with this diesease while Oprah has given money to so many hov owns all because of hiv money they get paid to say they slept with me or just because Oprah and Obama ate loves but not anymore because beyonce fucks Obama and they. Killed my dad Nelson Mandela’s why Oprah has interested i. South aftica is that to gain powers to kil more tell jayz all his in managers email and publicity interviews iupon thete truth but corona virus no cure word to my mother aim biggie gete big papas aim nipsey huslets hete aim kobe Bryant hete aim whitney Huston hete sin John John Kennedy hete aim laye dr Martin Luther king jr tell shawn cutters I said negatives ain’t worth a doggonn shot you killed my daughters for money aim laye nelson Mandela’s meek mill injected me with dope on my arm to my necks aim kofee United nation Secretary General baracka Obama is somalian terrorrist Oprah is her name she is mama mbalozi hayz dued hom is new tell him to rap he can’t can you tell the difference we’ll aim big papa aim always legendary aim pac man niggad is ending earth soon I swear upon crust if no justice no corona cures promise you that aim Collin powels he killed me as well Hillary Clinton basically. Jayz children Oprah has been-taking her Embryos she is jayz biological mom to his children’s she has 47 children by famous niggas
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
    DJ Extraordinaire MEGAN RYTE is absolutely the best in the business for music selections and commentary, and 97.1 has the clearest, strongest signal in the metropolitan area. Listen in only if you're strong enough to avoid becoming addicted to her radioplay and getting fired. Hey 97, put her on prime drive time!!

Rádiové kontakty

Adresa: 395 Hudson St. 7th Fl. New York, NY 10014
Telefóne: +(800) 223-9797
Webové stránky:
Email: info@hot97.com
Facebook: @HOT97OFFICIAL
Twitter: @hot97
Instagram: @hot97
Youtube: @hot97

General Info (212) 229-9797
General Fax (212) 524-9855

Čas v meste New York: 07:58, 05.26.2022

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