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WBAP News Talk 820 AM

Рейтинг: 4.2 Оцінок: 32
WBAP 820 AM is a broadcast radio station in Dallas, Texas, United States, providing News and Talk programming.
378 15

Відгуки про WBAP News Talk 820 AM

  • 4
    Thank you Rick Roberts. For being a no B. S. voice of today's reality. Been listening about 5 years now. Truth is rare nowadays. Eternal blessings to you and Max!! Brian C.
  • 4
    Great to hear the B Teams!
  • 5
    Love the conservative talk on this radio..but please get rid of Nicole! If there is a liberal program on put her there for the news..she is obviously liberal herself! Do not like to hear her report the news!
  • 1
    This radio station is a prime example of what propaganda can do to mainstream and rural America. Nearly everything spewed on these "news" programs are flat out lies and unsubstantiated opinions.
  • 5
    I live in Port Arthur, Texas, and I listen to WBAP daily during the week. I also listen to Kris Krok show in the evening. Your station keeps up to date on the nation's news, and go into detail about the current affairs going on in Texas.
  • 4
    I have listened to WBAP over 40 years. I really love Rick Roberts. He talks to the listeners as if he was sitting across the kitchen table from them. He makes sense of some of the nonsense coming at us. Keep up the good work Rick!
  • 3
    I’ve listen to WBAP for decades. Cris crock, Rick Roberts….
  • 2
  • 5
    Love all the shows and news. Listen all day long for the last two years. Very proffesional talk show hosts, Chris Salcedothe morning Show, Rick Roberts, Red Eye which I listen since 2006. The best radio station in the nation! Congratulations!!!
  • 4
    doug from alberta canada great stuff guys trump bullieing vote counters georgia terrible shit went down in usa the last few years trump done ok in most albertians eyes was saving 1000s of jobs here and lives was stopping the death of good family men from taking there own lives because of pride of being hard working all there lives then nothing over night trump gave us hope biden put the gun back to peoples heads in alberta canada we love alberta oil and gas and best steak in thee world thanks joe hope your warm in your new home i lost mine

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Facebook: @NewsTalk820WBAP
Twitter: @wbap247news

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