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Vintage Obscura Radio Playlist

Nevíte, jaká píseň se hrála v rádiu? Použijte naši službu a zjistěte to! Náš seznam skladeb ukládá Vintage Obscura Radio seznam skladeb za posledních 7 dní.

(nyní v New York 21:44)
02:40 'گه بمونی اگه نمونی - ﮔﻮﮔﻮش Googoosh - Age Bemooni, Age Namooni (1978) -- On the verge of being banned from recording and performing, Iran\'s pop queen delivers a haunting farewell.'
02:33 'A Ponte - Nos (Brazil, funk) (197x)'
02:30 'Lazy Smoke - Sarah Saturday Beatles Insipred Groovy psych-pop track, vocalist (John Pollano) sounds eerily similar to John Lennon'
02:25 'Eric Kol - You\'re My Solution '
02:21 'Prince Charles Levon Dawson - Queen God\'s World (Unknown) ABSOLUTELY INSANE RECORD'
02:18 'رفيق حبيقة - يا صلاة الزين = Ya Salat El Zein (Lebanon, folk) (1973)'
02:16 'The Mad Hatters - I Need Love (1965)'
02:12 'Bermuda Symphony Trio - Ain\'t No Sunshine (Canada) (Jazz) (197?) Private press lounge cover'
02:09 'Lite Storm - Love Marches On (1976)'
02:05 'Half Church - TV Screen (1981)'
02:03 'Sonia Rosa - Parquinho do meu bairro (1967)'
01:58 'Richard Twice - If I Knew You Were The One (1968) Stage fright triggered a disastrous make-or-break performance and everything abruptly fell apart. Atkins gave up music in the prime, and for 50 years he refused even to listen to a radio. 10 min docu in t
01:55 'D.A. - Ready \'n\' Steady This song was lost for 37 years and many considered it not real. It was on the billboard chart for a few weeks and then disappeared but was discovered earlier this year.'
01:51 'The Black Jacks - Lesson To The Saints (1968)'
01:47 'Sundance - Strange (197x) Beautifully heartbreaking folk-rock from a mysterious test pressing by an unknown band.'
01:42 'John Bender - It\'s A Rainy Day, Sunshine Baby (1980) Minimalist reinterpretation of Faust\'s golden nugget'
01:39 'Caleb -- A Woman Of Distinction (1967)'
01:31 'The Drive - Can You Feel it? (1975)'
01:28 'Ramblers Dance Band - Work And Happiness (1963) -- Heartwarming hybrid of calypso and highlife with vocal harmonies reminiscent of doo-wop/early soul. The song channels the promise of the country\'s newly-found independence.'
01:24 'St. John’s Wood - Sunflower(1973) This record was made for me, I wonder if David Lynch wrote James’s song on Twin Peaks after hearing this.'
01:20 'I Scream - Open Window/Night (1981)'
01:17 'Ed\'s Redeeming Qualities - Lawn Dart (1989)'
01:13 'Elsa Popping and Her Pixieland Band - Java '
01:10 'The Cause - Hard Times (In The City) (1976)'
01:03 'Tomoko Yasuno - Sur La Terra (198?) Produced by YMO\'s Hosono'
01:00 'Unknown - The Most Mysterious Song In The World (198x)'
00:54 'People - Shomyo Pt. 2 (Japanese, Krautrock) '
00:50 'Bob & Shree - Long Train Runnin’ (Late 70’s?) wasn’t expecting this song!'
00:48 'Gianna - Cocaina (1965) Captivating garage beat along with bizarre lyrics about a young girl who buys some cocaine in a bar without knowing what it was and, once back home, hides the substance in a jar of sugar . Someone, however, is preparing to make a
00:41 'The Salambos -- Salambo (1970)'
00:35 'Yasuaki Shimizu - Quiereme Mucho (edit) (1983)'
00:32 'Гая - Аман Яр '
00:27 'አስቴር አወቀ - ልምጣ ወይ ልቅር (1980s)'
00:24 'Johnny Blue Boy - I\'m Going Away (197x)'
00:13 'Om - Samarkand (Japan, experimental,jazz) (1983)'
00:07 'Mal Waldron - Sayonara (1970)'
00:04 'Weng Qianyu - Endless Tea (1971)'

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