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77 WABC Radio

Ocena: 3.4 Komentara: 28
77 WABC - WABC is a broadcast radio station in New York City, New York, United States, providing News and Talk programs.
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TOP pesme na 77 WABC Radio

Elton John - Circle Of LifeElton John — Circle of Life
Soul Survivors - Expressway to Your HeartSoul Survivors — Expressway to Your Heart
Stevie Wonder - For Once In My LifeStevie Wonder — For Once In My Life
Roy Orbison - CryingRoy Orbison — Crying
Elvis Presley - It's Now or NeverElvis Presley — It's Now or Never
Christopher Cross - SailingChristopher Cross — Sailing
JOHNNY OTIS SHOW, The - Willie And The Hand Jive - 0:00Johnny Otis Show — Willie and the Hand Jive
Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin'Michael McDonald — I Keep Forgettin'
Gladys Knight & The Pips - Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me-(Album) Imagination-1974 R&B-(Up Next) Lionel RichieGladys Knight & The Pips — Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
The Association - "Everything That Touches You" from 'Mellow Gold' 1976The Association — Everything That Touches You

77 WABC Radio komentara

  • 5
    My wife loves Frankie . I think he is a great American and we both love the show wish it was on more than twice a week.
  • 4
    Not just one of the best stations in NYC, WABC has one of the most talented line ups in the country. Surprisingly, the talk radio format that is successful in the rest of the U.S. also works in ultra liberal NYC. 7m people (post DeBlasio crisis) it's still the largest metro area in U.S. These are conservatives that live on the front line, they're in combat daily. Tune in to hear their stories.
  • 4
    This is the best station in the New York area. It presents the important issues of economics, immigration, science, crime, and government incompetency without pulling punches. If you are an ignorant misinformed liberal you might learn something if you are open minded. Otherwise, stay away because your snowflake beliefs may be shattered.
  • 1
    An ultra low-brow, worthless AM radio station full of Trumptards, climate change deniers, covid conspiracy theorists, racists, homophobes, antisemites, morons, mooks, yutzs, lowlifes, and crypto-fascists, 770 AM WABC is well suited only for the dumbest of the dumb throughout all five boroughs of New York City, Schlong Island, Joisey, and beyond! Featuring noxious cretins like Bernie the Bigot and Sid the Roided Out Meathead (oy! Yabobo!0 with their dumb pastrami accents and love of all things Donald, the moronic, delusional Curtis Sliwa with his loonie kazoonie, moola shmula antics (he will never be mayor or even garbage collector), the shrill lunacy of right wing fanatical liar Mark Levin (aka Nutbag Supreme), and such former (and now thankfully dead) hosts as Don Imus the Nazi Cowboy and Rush Limbaugh the Painkiller-Huffing Pig, WABC panders to the very slimiest, greasiest, and most dim-witted of all New York scumbags who enjoy their far-right nonsense with a dose of Sinatra on da side (Badabing Badaboom Bada-zip-zap-zooom!). Listening to this dreck for more than ten minutes is depressing as hell, as WABC's typical target demographic consists of people like 78 year old retired truck driver Vinnie "The Meatball" Scagnetti from Brooklyn and his unwashed wife Cannoli Face. Think Archie Bunker on crack with a side of marinara sauce. This radio station has all the charm of a pack of inbred, drag racing Guidos from Lindenhurst. Steer clear!
  • 4
    HALLELUJAH! 77-WABC- AND I REMEMBER "COUSIN BRUCEY," BACK FIFTY YEARS AGO LIKE-last night! ......Now, a great great source of real news, germaine issues, intellectual banter, and real "All American" topics of interest, no the socialist-left-commie "fake news," like CNN, MSNBC, BBC, and too many to list...... I thank God daily for freedom, preservation of America's morality, intellectual integrity, ethical reporting, and just plain good talk programs on stations like WABC!
  • 4
    I like to hear your programa first.
  • 5
    I'm just happy that Jim Jones is listening to all ABC radio shows, even if he is a closet fan...
  • 4
    Following your daily insights relative to the world that we live in, you may find some useful insight in the lyrics of 'Sympathy For The Devil', Rolling Stones -- (poetry of the time was timely then and is timely now -- thanks.
  • 5
    love cousin Bruce listened since the 60s when he was on 77ABC
  • 4

Radio kontakti

Adresa: 2 Penn Plaza, 17th Floor, New York, New York 10121

Telefon: +1 800-848-9222

Email: comments@wabcradio.com


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