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103.5 QMFM

Avaliação: 3.1 Avaliações: 10
103.5 bright mix of today's best variety, and music that makes you feel good! QMFM is part of iHeartRadio. Mostrar mais
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Ao vivo agora 103.5 QMFM

Ao vivo P!nk Walk Me Home
04:49 UB40 (I Can't Help) Falling In Love with You
04:39 Avril Lavigne I'm with You
Playlist da 103.5 QMFM

Principais músicas em 103.5 QMFM

Ed Sheeran - AfterglowEd Sheeran — Afterglow
Taylor Swift - WillowTaylor Swift — willow
Keith Urban & P!nk - One Too ManyKeith Urban — One Too Many
Maroon 5 - Beautiful Mistakes (Feat Megan Thee Stallion)Maroon 5 — Beautiful Mistakes
Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - MonsterShawn Mendes — Monster
Katy Perry - FireworkKaty Perry — Firework
Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande - Rain On MeLady Gaga — Rain On Me
BANNERS - Someone To YouBANNERS — Someone To You
Delaney Jane, Virginia To Vegas - Just As MuchDelaney Jane — Just as Much (feat. Virginia To Vegas)
The Weeknd - Blinding LightsThe Weeknd — Blinding Lights

103.5 QMFM avaliações

  • 4
    I can not stand Erin Henn ...urn it off everytime she is on..soo annoying
  • 3
    Hello Sea gull There will be boats by the sea
  • 2
    okay music, but they seriously only have around 200 songs on their entire playlist. The hosts, especially Nat and Drew and Erin are SO ANNOYING!! Do they really think people care about their random opinion on things?? PLEASE get new morning hosts. There is nothing worse than a bunch of bored middle-aged "hosts" trying to sound cool and relevant by talking about celebrities and other people's lives. The afternoon hosts are much more pleasant to listen to.
  • 1
    What is it with narcissistic announcers? Do they really think the audience tunes in to listen to their babble or the music? Why can’t they SHUT THE F**K UP while a single note is playing, we listen to your station for the variety of music not some self absorbed announcer in love with the sound of their own voice. 92.9 KISM in Bellingham rarely if ever do you hear yapping when the music is playing QMFM THEY YAP THROUGH HALF THE SONGS!!!
  • 4
    Today is the 42 nd anniversary of the death of The King Elvis, haven't heard any songs by him played today as yet remembering this tragic event
  • 4
    I love your music a great start of the day or nice for night time.Your classical all music for sleeping is perfect thank you my new friend Roberta my friends call me robbie.
  • 1
    Of all the stations to tune into when you're online. How lazy and robotic. Give stations from elsewhere a shot like BBC 6 Music, KEXP or Radio Paradise: playing music most Vancouver stations are too afraid to play because the controlling corporate hack system doesn't approve of it ,( exceptions being programs on non-commercial stations like Co-op, CiTR and CJSF. Harper killed CBC). Brainwashing 'upbeat' slop with inane chatter and banal commercials, covering up for for a sterile, slavish existence that we're ALL suppost to follow. No room for individual thought or tastes that are outside 'the accepted norm'. All for the duped sheeple who are terminally enslaved to mindless consumerism, credit card debt and insurance fraud. There's a lot more to music ,and life, than the same old, same old. Break out of your rut and stop acting like a robot.
  • 5
    Tunes in this morning to "Camping Hacks & the Toilet Bucket". Never laughed so hard at the on air comments from the announcers. I'm a proud newfie girl who grew up in a very remote part of northern Newfoundland. My nan had an outhouse but in the blustery winters we had a 5 gallon bucket in a closet for a toilet. All these years I thought having toilet paper instead of a Sears catalogue would have been you guys got me wishin' at 5 years of age that I had a pool noodle!!! Bahahahaha!! Thanks for the laugh guys!! Loves ya!!
  • 5
    I love listening to Drew as we went to high school together but I did not know it was him. In fact, my daughter puts the station on every time we are at home or in the car driving somewhere. We both love it as we both love the current music that is upbeat all the time! Love the mix, love the commentary and love Nat & Drew in the mornings!
  • 2
    103'5 qmfm is best station ever in the world. Fantastic music, great hosts, and great contests.

Informações sobre a rádio

CHQM-FM (identified on air and in print as 103.5 QMFM) is a Canadian radio station in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia. It broadcasts at 103.5 megahertz on the FM band with an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts from a transmitter on Mount Seymour and airs a younger-targeting adult contemporary format. It is western Canada's oldest and one of the most-listened-to commercial FM stations in Vancouver along with sister station CFBT-FM. It is owned by Bell Media. CHQM's studios are located at Robson and Burrard Street in Downtown Vancouver.


Endereço: Suite 500 - 969 Robson Street, V6Z 1X5, Vancouver, BC

Telefone: +1 604-280-1035, +1 604-871-9000


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