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Second Advent Radio

St John's, 101.5 MHz FM
Рэйтынг: 4.5 Ацэнак: 12
We are a christian radio ministry on the beautiful island of Antigua. We are owned and operated by the South Leeward Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. Our message is simple; sharing the message of Love to the world in the context of the Three Angels Message of revelation 14.
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Зараз у эфіры Second Advent Radio

Прамы эфір SLCMedia - WITL Dying Like A Seed
10:34 (P)2010 ACM C.D. Brooks - 3. Claimed and Kept
Плейлист Second Advent Radio

ТОП трэкі на Second Advent Radio

KUPIDO - BLESSED ASSURANCEBlessed Assurance — Blessed Assurance
Pual Baloche - All Hail the Power of Jesus' NamePual Baloche — All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name
Just Four - Be Thou My VisionAfterthought — Be Thou My Vision
Shall We Gather At The River - The Kyle FamilyThe Kyle Family — Shall We Gather At The River
Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus
I Surrender All
Casting Crowns - All Youve Ever WantedCasting Crowns — All You've Ever Wanted
KIM BURRELL - VICTORYKim Burrell — Victory
Worship Circle - Come Thou Fount (My Restless Heart)Worship Circle — Come Thou Fount (feat. Charlie Hall)
Love You With The Truth -- Casting CrownsCasting Crowns — Love You With the Truth

Водгукі аб Second Advent Radio

  • 5
    Wonderful program's and very informative.
  • 4
    Enjoying the programme, but I miss the extra spice that Russell puts into the word!
  • 5
    So blessed to be connected again to my favourite radio station after such a long time. Praise be to God
  • 3
    Need to hear more of the "old" hymns of the faith.and not so much of these "contemporary worship" songs/repetitive choruses.
  • 4
    Thank God for the message tonight it was really up lifting> Thank you Pastor Kay White and the other 2 Pastors
  • 5
    Thank God we can hear and get to worship through the network 🙏 thanks pastors for your word and prayers at this time 🙌.
  • 5
    We are enjoying Second Advent Radio in St. Kitts via the internet. Continue sharing God's Last Day message to all. God Bless!!!
  • 5
    one of the best
  • 5
    I love everything about this station.
  • 4
    I turn in from St. Kitts after the link was shared by someone from Nevis. It have been a very long time I haven't listen.

Кантакты радыёстанцыі

Тэлефон: American Road St John's Antigua
Тэлефон: +2685621015
Email: secondadventradio@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +2687240838
Facebook: @sarm.advent

Час у горадзе St John's: 19:32, 12.02.2022

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