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KCJV - No Hit Radio

Сан-Антонио, 97.9 MHz FM
Рейтинг: 4.9 Оценок: 13
Regional hits and non-charting singles from the 50’s to the 70’s.
75 0

Сейчас в эфире KCJV - No Hit Radio

сейчас A++ Sunday Morning
05:45 chateaus - darling je vous aime beacoup
05:43 The Channels Altar of Love (feat. Earl Lewis)
Плейлист KCJV - No Hit Radio

ТОП треки на KCJV - No Hit Radio

Little Henry & The Laveers - What To DoLittle Henry & The Laveers — What to Do
Freddy Fender - Wasted Days and Wasted NightsFreddy Fender — Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
Chicago - Wishing You Were HereChicago — Wishing You Were Here
'Stan Ivory & His Omnificent Orchestra - Check It Out 'Stan Ivory and His Omnificent Orchestra — Rolling
The Moments - Baby I Want YouThe Moments — Baby I Want You
SERENADERS - I WROTE A LETTERSerenaders — I Wrote a Letter
MASTERPIECE - Love AffairThe Love Affair — It's a Love Affair
Hsuband Turn - On'sThe Turn On's — Kimberly (feat. The Turn On's)
Denny Ezba - Mary Diane
The Beatles - She Loves YouThe Beatles — She Loves You

Отзывы о KCJV - No Hit Radio

  • 5
    There's no reason to ever NOT listen to KCJV. Fantastic, deep DEEP cuts, with a smattering of the familiar. I just found out about this gem of Leon Springs, TX a few days ago, and I cannot stop listening, because I'm afraid to miss one of these terrific songs I've never heard before. Keep up the great work, CJV. And if you need our support, do not hesitate to ask.
  • 4
  • 5
    The Dells version of “Higher and Higher” was recorded before the Jackie Wilson was recorded, however the Jackie Wilson was released first.
  • 5
    "Higher and Higher" by The Dells is not the original version. Jackie Wilson is the original.
  • 5
    I want to thank KCJV 97.9 FM for being the musical gatekeeper of former artist and writers (including myself). KCJV plays tunes that are not even played on oldies programs. We artist and writers thank you for your effort to use your format to bring back fond memories of the happiest times of our lives. We need that now more than ever.
  • 5
    Used to live in SA but now in Houston area. I’m in the area regularly and stumbled on the station on the radio out at Lackland and immediately loved it. Luckily I found that it had an internet stream so I could keep listening when not in San Antonio…..Thank You for an amazing station for the greatest hits I’ve never heard!
  • 5
    fan all the way from los angeles county nice sweet soul
  • 5
    Great tunes !
  • 5
    best station on the planet!
  • 5
    Love this station ! Every song that was composed, sung deserves to be heard. Thank you for doing this.

Контакты радиостанции

Телефон: +210-344-8854

Время в городе Сан-Антонио: 04:48, 07.17.2024

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