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RFB Radio Fréquence Bleue playlist

Don’t know what song’s been playing on the radio? Use our service to find it! Our playlist stores a RFB Radio Fréquence Bleue track list for the past 7 days.

(now in Geneva 14:31)
Live Singles Eurosonic To Love
08:18 Rfb - 120 BPM Mix
08:14 Single Vanessa Hudgens Come Me Come Back
08:11 Rfb- Papa Deep
08:06 Rfb-Eleonara Tell Me Why
08:03 Rfb-Frane At Is
08:00 Chroniques - Flash Info
07:52 Rfb Production Mixage DJ DIMITRI Georges Mickael Carless Whisper
07:48 Singles Whitney Iwanna Dance Whit Somebody
07:40 Remix Costa Mee Inside My Mind
07:33 Rfb-Patrick SWAYZE She s like the wind Nikko Clulture remix
07:29 Rfb-Faraon The Sunlight
07:25 Rfb-Anton Ishutin Like A Drum
07:21 Rfb-Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
07:15 Rfb - Sharapov Remember Me
07:11 Remix Paolo Monti Blue VS Wham
07:05 Rfb Prime Time I'Can Get Enoughe Extended
07:03 Chroniques - Flash Info
06:55 fb - Stefre Roland Inna Feat Rudil
06:50 efb mix immersion mix deep housse
06:45 Remix Alexender You
06:42 Singles DJ GAZO
06:38 Rfb-Hit Band
06:34 Rfb-Singles Baltimora Tarzan Boy
06:29 Rfb Whyney Houston BO The Bodyguard
06:25 Rfb-Love and Money HALLELUIAH MAN
06:21 Singles Corinne Dulfer
06:16 Rfb Roxane version Rfb Impatience
06:12 Rfb - Tuna Ozdemir
06:07 Rfb-GEOM Nobody
06:03 Rfb Nefliff & Mary SK Never Alone
06:01 Chroniques - Flash Info
06:00 12h Top Horaire
05:55 Rfb Talk Talk Ist My Life Extended
05:45 Remix Alphaville Forever Young
05:41 Rfb-Mant Deep
05:37 Mix Costa Me You
05:32 Rfb - Nickko Culture RUDIL I Need You
05:27 Rfb Sharapov Feet It
05:17 Rfb remix Gary Low I Want You
05:12 Singles Foreghert
05:08 Singles Aurosonnic & Frainbreeze Tell me Anything
05:02 Rfb-Evelyn Thomas High Energy
05:00 Chroniques - Flash Info
04:55 Singles Roudep IWond'stop
04:50 Rfb M&D Substance
04:48 Rfb-Dhirley BASSEY Diamond Are Forever
04:42 Rfb - Exclusif Rudil My Heart Stefre Roland
04:38 Rfb production David Bowie Lest Dance
04:31 Rfb - Naylo Bitz Never Forget Nando Fortunata
04:25 Extended Robin S Show My Love
04:21 Rfb-Nando Fortunato Stay Me
04:17 Remix Vanessa Hudgens Come y com Back
04:12 Rfb-Nowakowski & Faraon
04:07 Rfn Prod DJ ANTON Beverlel Browon
04:04 Rfb- Devotion Break My Heart
04:03 JINGLES 6
04:01 Chroniques - Flash Info
04:00 10h Top Horaire
03:57 Rfb-Steve Wonder Isn't She Lovely
03:52 Rfb-Ivan Fotonovela
03:49 Singles Robert Palmer
03:42 Rfb Mix Mickael GRAY The Week-end
03:37 Rfb-Nikko Culture DJ Anton Hypnotize
03:32 Rfb-Nando Fortunado The Feeling remix Paul Lock
03:29 Singles Paul Look rfb mix DJ Anton
03:24 Rfb-Stefre ROLAND Take Me Back To The Stars
03:19 Remix Driving You
03:15 Rfn-Madonna Justify My Love
03:09 rfb Remix Mix Fox the Fox
03:02 Rfb Production DJ ANTON Chaka Khan
03:00 Chroniques - Flash Info
02:59 9h Top Horaire
02:54 Rfb-Bernadette Whasinton Straight to My Heart
02:49 Rfb Stefre Roland Feat Aigul Sadykova To The Stars
02:44 Rfb Spagnia Singles
02:39 Rfb Lisa Standfield - All Woman versio longue
02:36 Extended Loren Sandra
02:32 Singles Le Flex RFB Dance
02:27 Rfb-Feelings of love
02:23 Singles Lise Loial Coeur Perdu
02:14 Rfb Prod Anton DJ I Know You
02:10 Extended Lacey Lane
02:06 Rfb Lunatic
02:01 rfb mixe DJ Anton Rudil I Need You Nikko Culture
01:59 Chroniques - Flash Info
01:54 Rfb-Faraon Closer
01:48 Rfb-Galaxy Z One More Night
01:40 Rfb - Exclusif Feat Rudil To Stars Steffr Roland Sharapov Nikko Culture
01:29 Extended Nano Fortunato This Fire Me
01:24 Rfb-Nikko CULTURE Deep Shine
01:21 Rfb-Singles Rd Fox Waste Your Time
01:17 Rfb-The FLEX These
01:10 Extended Losing My
01:07 Singles Jacky Quartz Emotion version courte
01:03 Remix A fond sur le Deep House
01:01 Chroniques - Flash Info
00:53 Extended Square Room Al Corley
00:48 Rfb Nando Fortunado I Don Feel Hurt
00:44 Rfb Prod RULES Carry you
00:38 Rfb Anton Austin Waves Nikko Culture
00:34 Rfb Feat Rudil - Angel Sar Clicles Original Mix
00:31 Rfb-I Never Let You Go DJ GOJA
00:30 Chroniques - Horoscope
00:24 Extended Like Virgin Madonna
00:21 Remix Julianne Hought Trasform
00:17 Lilie et Susy version rfb Candy Love
00:14 Rfb-Singles Millios Strong With You
00:10 Efb-Dino MFU Feat Gabriel
00:06 Rfb-Tears for fears Advice for the young at beart

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