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Limerick City Community Radio

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Limerick City Community Radio's Mission Statement is as : Limerick City Community Radio recognises the right of all to access to community radio and offers its facilities to the community of Limerick to enable that society to express itself freely and without editorial interference, subject to the law and accepted standards of taste and decency so as to promote cultural diversity, community integration and identity, thereby creating an informed, democratic, peaceful, tolerant and pluralist community; Limerick City Community Radio seeks to ensure that all residents of Limerick have the opportunity to participate in its ownership which shall be democratically managed and shall actively seek out the participation by all in its programming for the benefit, entertainment and development of the community.
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    Great show this morning Mike!!
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    Love it!!!!


Cím: Tait Place Lord Edward Street, Limerick Ireland

Telefon: +353 61 590 999

Email: info@lccr.ie

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