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ZJB Radio

Davy Hill, 95.5 MHz FM
Рейтинг: 4.5 Оценок: 17
Montserrat’s community station provides a diverse range of services to meet the needs of the community, with a strong emphasis on local news and information, and the promotion of local music and culture.
64 39

Отзывы о ZJB Radio

  • 5
    i love the friday live in the aftonoon
  • 5
    Listening to the train today, I totally agree that Titus is a Montserrat icon but let's also give a shout out to the drummer(s) and fifer(s) for keeping the masquerade music authentic.
  • 5
    Regular listener from the U.K. no volcanic ash, just vibes siuuuuuu
  • 5
    I wish to address the caller who spoke on The Train about my dad Eric Ramsay, concerning the George Street fire so many years ago. That fire started in the shop in the ground floor of the building, whether by accident or intent, I do not know.
  • 4
    Well done king well done
  • 1
    I listened to most of what you all had to say on your Cudjoe Head Train tonight, November 13 2021. You should fact check before going on air to disparage people who are not alive to refute your gossip. Calling people names that you couldn't call them to their face or even in my presence, whomever you are Icelma. So disrespectful. You should learn some manners. For someone who used to be a headmistress going on air talking about a fire that was meant for Teacher Charles going up to another house and killing somebody's wife. You turn a tragedy into a Jumbie story and you who are supposed to be educated, is laughing at a tragedy and all the other people who laughed along with you are just as bad. Do you just make things up to make yourselves look good. Well, to me it's having quite the opposite effect. I'm not laughing.
  • 4
    Love listening to radio Montserrat just like I did so many years ago before the volcano went off. And before that when everyone on island would head to the View Point Hotel on Wednesday nights for the BBQ. Cannot go without a shout out to those fisherman at Carrs Bay. So much has changed but radio Montserrat remains strong!
  • 5
    pick potato, roast breadfruit and pear and whatever mango available
  • 5
    Blessing family
  • 5
    We have just listened to the excellent, penetrating interview of Premier Farrell, Lord Ahmed, Governor Pierce, and the UK professor (whose name I cannot recall) on the question of whether or not Montserratians should continue and expand the Astra Zeneca vaccination program. No punches were pulled in the questions asked by the excellent interviewer, and no obfuscation was offered by the 4 interviewees in their answers. There are surely no rumours and conspiracies that can stop Montserratians now from "getting the jab". Do it now, before the variants arrive that would surely devestate Montserrat. Opportunity is knocking, but it does not keep knocking if people don't answer. Montserrat, set an example for the rest of the Caribbean, and the world.

Контакты радиостанции

Адрес: Davy Hill, St. Peter, Montserrat MSR1210
Телефон: +1 664-491-2885
Email: zjb@gov.ms
WhatsApp: +16644962885
Facebook: @MNISpirit
Twitter: @SpiritMni

Время в городе Davy Hill: 13:54, 08.11.2022

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