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WFMU's Ichiban Rock & Soul playlist

¿No sabe qué canción se jugó en la radio? Utilice nuestro servicio, para encontrarla. Nuestra lista de reproducción contiene la planificación de difusión WFMU's Ichiban Rock & Soul en los últimos 7 días.

En directo The Beatles - I'm a Loser
03:57 Jay Swan - You Don't Love Me
03:55 Drive-In Intermission - Ungo Boga Snackbar
03:53 Count Drac - The Trance
03:51 Yhe Barker Brothers - You Can't Stay Here
03:49 The Moonrakers - I Don't Believe
03:47 Booker T. & The Mg's - Hip Hug-her
03:44 Chuck Johnson - A Love Like Mine
03:42 Billy Garner - Little Schoolgirl
03:41 Creature_From_Black_Lake_ - Creature From Black Lake
03:38 The Madhatters - Mister, You're a Better Man Than I
03:38 Id - Massayo Id 7
03:36 Chuck Jackson - Big New York
03:33 Bill Simpson - Jelly Roll Man
03:31 The Savoys - Slappin' Rods and Leaky Oil
03:30 Tex Ritter -
03:27 Artesians - Trick Bag
03:24 Larry and the Blue Notes - Train Kept A-Rollin'
03:22 Unknown Wombat - The Place
03:20 Lee Dorsey - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
03:17 Ruth Brown - Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
03:14 Lousiana Red - Who Dat?
03:13 Wanda Jackson - Rock Your Baby
03:11 Leonard Johnson - The Bug
03:10 Admiral Stereo Sampler - Properly Balanced
03:08 The Rollercoasters - - Wild Twist
03:06 The Why Four - Hard Life
03:05 Raiders - 'alias Pink Puzz' - LP Promo Spot # 2
03:03 Marvin & Johnny & the Marsmen - Baby Doll
03:00 Harmonica Fats - Tore Up
02:59 Various Artists - Crawford's Clothing Store Ad
02:57 Julian W/Tasso & His Orchestra - Get on the Moon
02:54 The Bar Boys - That's the Sound of My Heart
02:52 The Rip Chords - Hey Little Cobra
02:49 Takeshi Kiyohara - Twistin' USA
02:47 Noble Watts - Florida Shake
02:45 The Valiants - Walkin' Girl
02:42 Marvin Gaye - Chained
02:42 Trucker_Lingo_ - Trucker Lingo
02:39 Billy Nix - Moon Twist
02:37 Duane Eddy & the Rebels - Girl on Death Row
02:34 Clarence Garlow & His Band - New Bon Ton Roulay
02:31 Dinah Washington - Big Long Slidin' Thing
02:29 Los Hooligans - Nocturno de Harlem
02:29 Wmca Promo - Wmca (N.Y.)Jingle--1956
02:26 Perprtuated Spirits Of Turpentine - I'm A Double Naught Spy
02:24 The Rock-A-Tones - Little Lil
02:23 Guess_the_Song_ - Guess the Song
02:21 Cadillacs - Speedo Is Back
02:18 The Blenders - Don't F*Ck Around with Love
02:16 Duke Turner - Doggie Dog World
02:14 Davy Jones (David Bowie) - You've Got a Habit of Leaving
02:13 Little Richard - Radio Spot B [Promo]
02:11 Jimmy Takeuchi & the Exciters -
02:09 The Shades - Strollin' After Dark
02:07 Rodger Stafford - My Babe
02:04 The Masked Man & the Cap Tans - Chicken Wings
02:02 The Del Vikings - Flat Tire
02:00 "Please Love Me" by The Whigs on WFMU on The Whig Out
02:00 Your DJ speaks on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:57 "Kickin' Child" by Dion on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:54 "It Ain't The Rain That Sweeps The Highway Clean" by David Blue on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:51 "Yesterday's Confusion" by Paul Messis on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:49 Your DJ speaks on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:46 "Nati Bati Yi" by The Wellwater Conspiracy on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:43 "Furi Furi Furi" by The Spiders on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:40 "I Am Just a Mops" by The Mops on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:38 "2000 lb bee" by The Ventures on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:36 "Mothra Hai" by The Woggles on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:34 Your DJ speaks on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:32 "The Witch" by The Gruesomes on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:31 "Psychotic Reaction" by The Fire Escape on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:27 "Come On In" by The Luv'd Ones on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:24 "96 Tears" by The Music Machine on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:20 "Feel It" by Question Mark & The Mysterians on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:20 Your DJ speaks on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:18 "Train Kept A Rollin'" by The Cynics on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:13 "Hornet's Nest" by Curtis Knight on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:11 "Baby What's Wrong?" by The Cynics on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:08 "Slapneck 1943" by The French Church on WFMU on The Whig Out
01:02 current
01:01 The Whig Out with Glynis GirlGroupGirl and Richard W
01:01 Wade Curtiss & the Rhythm Rockers - Max Wax Record Hop
00:01 The Real Nitty Gritty with Real Nitty Gritty Tania and Thomas Torment
00:01 Tania & Thomas - The Real Nitty Gritty
00:01 Prince Arky - Ten Horned Devel

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