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Syl Johnson - Come Together

Complete Mythology
Come Together
Artis: Syl Johnson
Album: Complete Mythology, 2010

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Album Complete Mythology, 2010
Falling In Love Again, 02:27
I've Got Love, 02:46
My Funky Band, 03:23
Sockin' Soul Power, 02:52
Kiss By Kiss, 02:33
Lonely Man, 02:37
Straight Love, No Chaser, 02:24
Double Whammy (Abaccadaba), 02:18
Thank You Baby, 02:37
I Need Love, 02:42
Dresses Too Short, 02:47
I've Got To Find My Baby, 02:34
Try Me (45 Version), 02:04
I Can Take Care of Business, 03:01
(She's So Fine) I Just Gotta Make Her Mine, 02:28
Little Sally Walker, 02:34
The Love I Found In You, 02:39
I Wanna Know, 02:18
I've Got the Real Thing, 02:42
Things Ain't Right, 02:32
Well Oh Well, 02:41
The Way You Do the Things You Do, 03:26
Come On Sock It to Me, 02:27
Take Me Back, 02:50
Annie Got Hot Pants Power, 03:09
Please Please Please, 02:29
I'm Looking For My Baby, 02:32
Wouldn't Change My Lady, 02:53
All I Need Is Someone Like You, 02:58
Ode to Soul Man, 02:33
I Know, 02:09
Let's Start All Over Again, 04:18
Hot Pants Lady, 02:53
Send Me Some Lovin', 01:41
I've Been Talked About, 01:42
Soul Drippin', 02:24
Wiggle In Your Hips, 02:02
Your Love Is Good for Me, 02:28
This Heart of Mine, 02:44
Fox Hunting On the Weekend, 02:32
Trying to Get to You, 02:19
Try Me, 02:34
Come Together, 03:15
I Feel an Urge, 02:25
Black Balloons, 02:39
Soul Strokes, 02:41
Love Condition, 03:05
Walk a Mile In My Shoes, 02:43
Soul Heaven, 02:35
I'm Talkin' Bout Freedom, 03:41
Right On, 07:13