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CINEMIX is a free online radio station playing soundtracks only ! The station plays a regularly updated selection of movie soundtracks, most of them orchestral. Mostrar mais
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Ao vivo agora CINEMIX

Ao vivo Stefan Nilsson - The Best Of Scandinavian Film Music - Laengslen Efter Havet
00:04 William Ross Meeting of the Saints
00:00 Michael Giacchino Joy Turns to Sadness / A Growing Personality
Playlist da CINEMIX

Principais músicas em CINEMIX

CINEMIX y - ID Cinemix y -
CINEMIX ID - ID Cinemix - ID
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CINEMIX j - ID Cinemix j -
Alles ist LiebeAnnette Focks — Alles ist Liebe
That's a WrapThomas Bergersen — That's a Wrap
Rupert Gregson-Williams - Wonder Woman - ID Member - Hell Hath No Fury
Sun & MoonTwo Steps From Hell — Sun & Moon
Solar Fields - Mirror's Edge - Introduction
Hans Zimmer - ID next - Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - End Credits

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Informações sobre a rádio

Our radio channel features world renowned artists and themes but also some beautiful new pieces that you can listen to peacefully wherever you are. An eclectic selection of soundtracks from USA, Europe, Asia and other galaxies... that will surprise you and help you to appreciate our favorites. In order to give you only the best, more than thirty albums pass through an internal high quality standard selection each month.


Endereço: 71 rue Saint Blaise 75020 Paris FRANCE

Email: cinemix@yahoo.com

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