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24-7 Northern Soul

Рейтинг: 5.0 Оцінок: 40
Just Music, No Chat Or Adverts. Northern soul is a music and dance movement that emerged in Northern England in the late 1960s from the British mod scene as a particular style of black American soul music based on the heavy beat and fast tempo of the mid-1960s sound.
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Пов'язані станції

Зараз в ефірі 24-7 Northern Soul

Наживо The Fuller Brothers Time's a Wasting
19:42 Dena Barnes If You Ever Walk Out Of My Life
19:39 The Checkerboard Squares Double Cookin'
Плейлист 24-7 Northern Soul

ТОП пісень на 24-7 Northern Soul

Barbara Mills - Queen Of Fools
Bobby Marchan - Funny Style
Easy Deal Wilson - There'll Come A Day
Charles Lamont & The Extremes - I've Got To Keep Movin'Charles Lamont And The Extremes — I've Got to Keep Movin'
Ron Holden - I'll Forgive and Forget
MAGNIFICENT 7 - Never Will IThe Magnificent 7 — Never Will I (Make My Baby Cry)
P.W. Cannon - Beating Of A Lonely Heart
The Gypsies - Diamonds, Rubies, Gold And FameThe Gypsies — Diamonds, Rubies, Gold and Fame
The Cheques - Deeper

Відгуки про 24-7 Northern Soul

  • 5
    Superb… x
  • 5
    Here it is - At last after searching I have found RADIO UTOPIA - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!!!!!! MODS RULE OK
  • 5
    Amaaazing! i thought I knew every NS record but, wow, what a station! xxxxx
  • 5
    So much to listen to. So many memories. So good.
  • 5
    The best online radio for Northern Soul. Thank you for this.
  • 5
    I'm 82 and just found 24-7 Northern Soul. What a joyful revelation. That's my music listening well and truly fixed up !
  • 5
    I’m now 60 Northern Soul has got me through all the good and bad times in my life. This station is incredible. Keep the faith long live this wonderful scene 😄
  • 5
    oh the memories , best northern station ever !! heard norman johnson and the showmen last nite and i was back near the rite hand side of the casino 💥 keep the faith fellas and carry on just turned 60 wish i was 15 again 🤛 WELLIE
  • 5
    Love it gets me through my shifts on days off from ICU , thank you so much
  • 5
    So glad we found you, KTF

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Facebook: @24-7-Niche-Radio-384687881693168

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