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Life Radio DZAT 1512

Lucena City
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Life Radio Southen Tagalog-DZAT is not just airing music or lots of talks but variety of programs that cater all our life's needs. Mostra altro
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In diretta 15. APOSTLE ATF MESSAGE - Ang Kaligtasan (Marcos 16 15) revised
13:48 12. APOSTLE ATF MESSAGE - Ang Paghahanda Sa Kawakasan Ng Huling Araw
13:04 13. APOSTLE ATF MESSAGE - Ang Paghahanda Sa Pagbabalik Ni Jesucristo(Tito 2 13)
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Jingle Top80 NG - 9NG — 9

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Informazioni sulla radio

Music. Talk. We serve more than that here at LIFE RADIO SOUTHERN TAGALOG-DZAT. We have programs that give up-to-date information and objective commentaries. We also air programs that provide entertainment and inspiration. Programs that cater health tips, parenting advice, recipe, history, facts, trivia, music of all genre and radio dramas that you’ll really love to hear are here, too. Also, we give programs that render spiritual upliftment and positivity in life. We cater these variety of programs to meet all the needs of our body, mind and soul.

Life is full of challenges thus sometimes, leading us to be exhausted. We may be so much busy striving to get what we want. It can be a comfortable and luxurious life or being at the peak of success but still, emptiness fills our hearts? Why? It’s because, we’re missing the most important one, that is to make God the center of our lives. Here at LIFE RADIO SOUTHERN TAGALOG-DZAT, we give you programs that cater spirit upliftment through God’s words being ministered not just by those who appointed themselves to be preachers, but from people who are chosen and elected by God to bring His words to us. We also have radio dramas featuring true to life testimonies of people whose lives were changed and experienced God’s mercy and love.


Indirizzo: Silangang Mayao
Telefono: +63 920 593 03 36
Facebook: @liferadiodzat1512
Twitter: @liferadiodzat

Ora a Lucena City: 02:50, 01.23.2022

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